Friday, January 04, 2019

My Opinion About The Temple Changes 2019

*** MAKE NOTE This post was written with the influence of  MARGE. She is my alter ego that takes over at times throughout stages four and five of my PMDD cycle. So if this feels harsh and one sided, it is because I battle those traits during stages four and five. I share this as an example of how PMDD influences my life and my writing voice. Please read with this in mind and apply mercy as needed. ***

Recently, a lot of changes were made in the temple ceremonies, processes, and procedures. Apparently, some of the changes made make some of the women in the church happy because they finally feel more equal to men. They say the changes more fully "prove" our/women's "importance" to God.
Because the details of some of these changes are considered sacred, the presidency of the church has specifically asked us to keep them sacred and not discuss the details outside of the temple. After all, that is something we covenant to do anyway, right?

But, I have a few more questions. Or maybe just  statements... why? Why? WHY? do these women feel so inferior in the first place??? We are taught as babies in the church how valuable we are. Why do the technicalities, the earthly, process and procedures of the church matter???

What happened to understanding the eternal perspective of things? Believing that if some things in these procedures are a little off, believing that God will sort it all out in Heaven. Why can't everyone just settle down and be grateful we even have the gospel in the first place? Why do we feel that every little detail should be sorted out ON EARTH? They are the THINGS OF HEAVEN, after all. Leave them to be dealt with, in Heaven.

Just accept that earthly beings have to run the technicalities of the church now. So there will be some earthly twists and turns along the way. This will ALL be smoothed out, in Heaven. Women are Equal, if not, Higher on the ladder then men in the sight of God. If you believe this, then just settle down and let God sort it out.

AND, when He does decide to appease his screaming children here on earth every once in a while, and then we are reminded to keep our mouths shut (that they may stay special) - and you COVENANT to do so - Then for Heaven's sake, Keep Your Mouth Shut! Don't do the opposite of what he asked and publish every detail of the changes for the world to analyze and tear apart. ...  Amen to His promises to you within those covenants.

I don't know, maybe I am old fashioned. Or simple minded. Or a little forward thinking. Maybe far far in the distance thinking... But these concerns and "triumphs" just seem so petty to me in the scheme of things. This earth is such a tiny speck in our eternity. Don't we trust that if it's a little off here on earth, He'll square it away when it REALLY MATTERS!?

Now, these questions I've asked are genuine. I want to know why, SPIRITUALLY,  these things matter? Spiritually, not on earth, why does it matter or not if women do, say, promise, or not promise, the Same As Men?
And I will leave it at that...

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