Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Foto Friday September

September brought cooler temperatures which made for comfortable outside time. So we took the opportunity to take on a few projects. We built a shelter over our stairs in preparation for the winter snow. We painted our bedroom more calming colors and I used weathered wood and finished the window edges and made a floating headboard (that was fun!!) I let the kids paint a few boards and I hung them in my room. And we spent a lot of time with our dear Erik and Stacey in Alton. Leif also took the chance to build stilts with the boys. So much fun!

August Foto Friday

This has been a long time coming. But here it is. We had a wonderful Summer filled with family, vacations, Jakob's Birthday, JAKOB'S BAPTISM, and Caleb's first day of Head Start Pre-School. We made So many great memories!

August Nature: I think people wondered why I nurtured these "weeds". But there's no question why anymore. They are beautiful! August also welcomes the Monsoon Season here in our neck of the woods. And that means beautiful storm clouds and Rainbows!

Canyon Home Trip: The Baron family gathered to the family Canyon Home in Brigham City over a couple week's time. We had a wonderful time playing and visiting. We managed to fix up the Canyon Home a bit too and a few of the family members were able to stay long enough to attend the Brigham City LDS Temple open house. Leif's parents both grew up in Brigham City. So this new temple has special meaning for our family.

St. George Condo Trip - Jakob's 8th Birthday Party: Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Hunt thinking about us ahead of time, we were able to spend a few days in a beautiful condominium for Jakob's birthday.

Jakob's Baptism: I will post Leif's memoir of Jakob's baptim in a seperate post. But the photos fit in this post as well. It was a wonderful experience over all. But I learned a lot of things that will help me with the other kids' baptism. The biggest lesson was to separate the birthday celebration and the baptism at least one week apart and don't party away from home the night before the baptism.

First Day of School!: Jakob started 2nd grade this year and Caleb started his first year in Head Start.

What You May Not Know and What You May Not See: SPD

I mentioned in an earlier post that my boys' have been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD.) I need to make a post that explains exactly what that is. But until then, this pretty much sums it up.

What You May Not Know and What You May Not See
Author Unknown

What you may not know and what you may not see
Is that I am a child with SPD.
Loud noises and chaos can really freak me out,
Because of this, I too, may scream and shout.

Sometimes I may hit, push, and run into things too
Please know I am never really trying to hurt you.
I may need to be alone, or have a quiet space
It helps me to feel calm and my mind not to race.

Although we may learn differently, most of us are really quite smart
Learning to understand my needs will help us to have a great start.
What you may not know and what you may not see
Is that I am a child with SPD.

Weighted blankets and compression vests help give me the input I need
A few among the tools used to help me to succeed.
I may have trouble sleeping and wake a lot with fear
It helps to know you love me and that you’re always near.

Quite often I am misunderstood when I don’t behave like the others
They think that I am naughty and, “not like my sisters and brothers”.
What they do not know and what they do not see
Is that I am a child with SPD.

Our senses give our brains directions on how to think and feel
My brain can’t read directions…my SPD is REAL.
You all have a highway where all of your senses travel
I have a traffic jam.. which leads me to unravel.

I don’t need to be judged… or felt sorry for
I am just like you ..although I struggle more.
Please take the time today, to learn more about ME
Because I am more then my SPD.
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