Friday, September 02, 2022

Puppy Keeps Eating Treat Bag

Molly, our new puppy, is a constant food seeker. No matter how much and how often she's fed, she's hunting for food. Sometimes this is a nutritional deficiency problem. For her it's an emotional psychological problem. Most likely due to neglect at birth and until she was rescued. 

The most frustrating struggle right now is she keeps finding the treat bag used for diaper time and eating the entire bag before we know it. She could down it in seconds. She's done it 3 times. This third time she pulled the diaper box off of the fireplace and dug out the cheerios I was using since she'd eaten the bag of treats the day before. And no matter how angry I get and her time outs, so far she's not able to control her urge. So, sadly, she's kennaled unless I'm in the room. She goes for toilet paper too. So she can't be free to wander. With so many people in the house I can't keep all of her temptations at bay. So, she's restricted. And of course she's upset about that. But sadly, she'll probably stop trying to bark. Because it won't be answered. Poor Girl! Her early trauma is so sad. I PRAY that she'll mature and accept that she has to resist her urge to purge;) 

Until then, I have to breathe and focus on all that we love about her and snuggle her as often as time allows. Puppy raising is as hard as raising a two year old. It's a huge commitment. But we didn't go into her adoption blindly. But I pray that she'll come out strong and happy. I'll have to research about more therapeutic ideas too.

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