Saturday, October 03, 2009

LDS Youth Murder Mystery Dinner Activity

Wednesday night our ward sponsored a Tri-Ward Youth Activity. We live in a small town. We have two wards in our town and one ward in a town just west of us. We planned and carried out a Murder Mystery Dinner for the youth. It turned out Fantastic! The kids were so excited about the activity that they told EVERYONE at the school. We ended up having just over 90 people come to the activity. For our small area that is a wonderful turn out!!

My family owns Hunt Mysteries. It is a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Company. Because I was raised planning and carrying out Murder Mystery Dinners, I was given the "honors" of being in charge of the nights events. Because this was a church activity, I wanted to find an LDS version of a Murder Mystery. So naturally, I went to the ever-faithful They have several LDS themed Murder Mystery Activity ideas. Once I found the game we wanted to play I began delegating.
The second best part of the whole night was to witness the follow-through from every leader who accepted a responsibility. We made really cute centerpieces for all of the tables, salad, spaghetti, bread, and brownies and ice cream.The decoration theme was Halloween and it turned out perfect!

The VERY BEST part of the whole night was watching all of the youth participate with enjoyment and enthusiasm. For anyone who works with youth, you know what I mean. At the end of the game my husband and I gave a finale run through of what the story was really about and who the the murderer was. The story we chose came from the Book of Mormon about the prophet Nephi prophesying about the king's death. When we came to the part in the finale when I read who the murderer was the kid's filled the room with cheers of triumph because the majority of them had come to the correct conclusion. Tickled by their reaction, I continued with the finale and closed the night with my testimony of the fact that we have a living prophet on the earth today just as they did in the days of old. The spirit was there to testify to not only the youth who attend the activities regularly, but to those who don't come as often and those who are investigating Jesus Christ and his church. It was a night I will not soon forget. I hope it is the same for those who attended as well.


Sandra said...

How awesome! That would be so fun. I want to come to your youth activities :)

tiki_lady said...

I love this idea! I would like to do it on a smaller base of 8 people first and then try a larger group for our youth. I don't have a concept of what this is really about. I would appreciate it, if you could give me tips. My email address is
Thanks, Chrys

Lena Baron said...

Hi Chrys, I am going to forward your email to my friend who did this on a small level after our activity. She might be able to give you better tips. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Unknown said...

This is so AWESOME!! I would love to do this for my YSA group. But I don't really know how to go about doing it. Would you mind giving me as many details as you can? Anything you can tell me would be awesome!

Thank You!
Bethany M.

Darc2511 said...

This is awesome~ Since I was called as YW President I have been wanting to do one of these. Would you mind sharing with me more specifics on how to make this happen? I think it would be a great activity for our youth in my area! If I did it on a stake level I could have upward of 90... so your insight would be much appreciated!
My email is


Tim said...

Hi! I just came across this idea and would love to get more information on it. I tried sugar doodle and the murder mystery wouldn't load. Is there any chance you could let know how you accomplished this? Thank you. You can email me at janaystanford at hotmail dot com

Natalie said...

Hi, I love this idea for a youth activity. If you have any additional information on the details of the activity, could you email them to me?

Thank you!

Kristy said...

How did this LDS themed murder mystery compare to doing an "actual" murder mystery? We are considering planning this murder mystery for joint YM/YW activity, but I wonder if it's too easy/silly? Was it enough of a challenge to keep the group's attention? Thanks for this post!

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