Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To This Journey's End - Praise Be to Him!

TEN MONTHS.  Our family has been separated for exactly ten months. Words will never express how grateful we are to know that this separation will be over within days. Gratefully we were together far more then we had hoped throughout the time Leif has been at school. But there is stability is the traditional... Mom and dad both live in the home - dad works - comes home -  and sleeps at home every day and every night.

I have gained a profound admiration and empathy for single mothers. I was not single and yet at times I have never felt so alone. My heart sobs for my dear sisters who carry the yoke of motherhood alone. I can only understand a portion of how they are able to carry on. And I believe that it is the Only way they are able. They, like myself, are never truly alone. Oh how so very true... Thank you Dear Father for carrying some of the burden when we are unable to take another step. Thank You!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

A Moment of Reflection

This afternoon I took the time to stand on the porch and watch my little one play down in the sand box. I stood on my porch and found myself listening to all of the birds sing about the coming spring. I heard the cars off in the distance on the highway and smelled the subtle sent of wood smoke in the air. As I gazed over the yard, memories of the last seven years flowed through my mind and it hit me again all that I will miss when we move. It will Not be easy!

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