Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome Baby JJ: Jonathan Jefferson Lee Baron

We are thrilled to announce the birth of Jonathan Jefferson Lee Baron, aka JJ. His delivery went great and he was born at 8 pounds 4 oz, 21 inches long. We just arrived home from the hospital tonight and are tired but well. I'll write more soon. I'll post better photos too, of course.

Baby JJ

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Fun While We Wait

I decided that we were turning off all Wii and movies for the rest of the evening. Then I remembered what we had done the night before Jakob's birth. We may have done this before Caleb too. We played games.

Jakob put a puzzle together, the boys had a techno dance fest, my good friend Mandy and her kids visited (THANKS Mandy!!), Then we played Racko while Caleb played in the sandbox. I feel much better tonight! Enjoy the pics.

Life is Good: Day 1! Pre-Delivery Thoughts

Everyone is napping. I need to save my sleepiness until tonight. No sleep meds as of two days ago. First night was tough. Ambian does have withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety and shortness of breath being what I experienced. However, I was thrilled at how well I slept last night. No real battle. So I'm hoping for that again.

This post is going to be full of ramblings. So if you are in a hurry, don't feel bad if you don't finish reading;)

So I deliver this little one tomorrow. It's funny, I know he's technically big, but in my mind, I call him Little One. Which leads me to one of thought processes that roles around in my head occasionally throughout the day. Why haven't I decided on a name for this baby? We have had every baby named months before their delivery, except for this one. To everyone else, it seems like one of those "no big deal" things. It happens all the time. But in my deeper thoughts, it scares me.


This leads me to bring up my fears. I hate admitting that I have fears. I tell myself they're not fears, they're, "concerns." But they're fears. My biggest fear? That something is wrong. Or that something is going to go wrong. It's just a feeling. It's not a prompting (I seriously hope that!) It's just a fear. You know why? Because I know wrong. I know the shock of having things go horribly wrong within minutes and having no control. At this point in a pregnancy, all I want is to have the baby on the outside. After this long, the thought of losing the baby is a very real fear. I just want him out so I can take care of him. It just comes with the territory of having lost babies before and watching friends got through it too. It's time to be postpartum!

What else am I "concerned" about? The surgery. I just don't want to have the baby like that. with the twins' c-section, everything was such a blur, I had no time to think about what was happening other then trying to save Rhea. This time, I've had time, and I really don't like the picture in my mind. So un-natural. Not that being induced is natural. But in the end, the process is more natural and it just feels right. I know that I need to have this c-section. I have to conclude that it's the will of the Lord. Because believe me, I have prayed for a different outcome. And I have done ALL that I can to progress into labor and dilation. And it just hasn't happened. I put it in the Lord's hands, and this is the outcome. So I will accept it. Soon it will be in the past. But until then, I'm still nervous and bummed.

What else? Caleb. He is clueless that tomorrow marks the day that he is no longer the baby. We have tried to make big changes gradually. Like moving him out of the nursery last month so he has had time to make the connection. That has gone well. I honestly don't think it's going to be a big jealousy issue when it comes to me and the baby. Because he hasn't been able to comfortably snuggle with me for a while. There's no room on my lap. But the issue I'm afraid of is, Things. Things like the swing, the bassinet, the nursery, the rocking chair. Anything that is technically the baby's. I'm anticipating conflict. For example, we brought out the baby bassinet and he curiously came to it, and as I talked about it being a bed for the baby, he promptly grabbed his blanket and crawled in. Normal, and anticipated. Just not fun. We have intentionally Not set up the baby swing yet, and won't until I'm in the hospital. Because that will have to be the one thing that Caleb just can't play with or associate as "his." Wish us luck!

School. It would be a nightmare if I didn't pass my Intro to Literature class. A possibility? Possible. But Oh how I hope not. Why is it so huge? I would have to pay back financial aid. NOT a good thing!!

So as you can sense, this Mama is kind of running on empty. Gratefully, the rest of the family and friend's are expressing the joy and excitement that I feel underneath all of these emotions. Leif seems really excited, he calls out the "news" occasionally throughout the day, "SOON we will have the baby!" (something like that.) And Jakob is VERY EXCITED and takes the job as a big brother Very seriously. He gets that instinct from me. Ha has been very tender-hearted lately and helpful. He's been known to actually Tell me that he loves me very much. That doesn't happen very often. He is more of a hugger and helper. I have definitely been grateful for his extra cooperation.

Soon, all of this fears will be in the past. Soon I will hold this Little One and we will give him a name. Don't be surprised if it's a long one;) Soon, I will have other "concerns" to take up my brain space. SOON! SOON! SOON! And it is ALL GOOD!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is Good: Day 17... No, Day 3!

Yep, that's the verdict! I'm still praying for a miracle. But I haven't progressed at all towards being induced, despite plenty of contractions. And the baby has continued to get bigger. So, unless I get my way before then, Thursday morning I will go in for a C-Section. I'm already bummed about that part, so comment gently if you must. But except for that part, I am REALLY excited to hold our little one soon!!!! We all are!

Feel free to send any prayers up for my miracle if you feel like it!;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is Good: Day 18 (Married 7 Years!)

Leif and I have been married 7 years. Just read my last post and you'll know that I love him! We haven't done anything for this anniversary. Life has just been too full. But it wouldn't be right to not blog tonight and let Leif know that he is one of the greatest blessings of my life. Thank you for the last 7 years. Here's to Eternity! Love you so much!

Tomorrow is the Dr apt where we make some decisions about this not so little one inside of me. Should be interesting.... I'm ready to hold him on the outside!

G'night All!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Life is Good: Day 20 (ish)

I'm still here. I would blog more, but so much of my day is spent sitting at the computer writing I just can't sit here another minute. Okay, so that's not the most uplifting tone. Let's see...

I will have to dedicate this post to my good husband. I know I write about him a lot, but really, he is wonderful! Today, I was absolutely set on not doing my final paper in my Literature class. I just could NOT see my way to the first sentence. So the good man sat down with me and reminded me that if I missed this, I would fail the class. Then he proceeded to write me a thesis statement for the paper, just SOMETHING to get my brain functioning. I wouldn't have made it without his help today. Thank you, Love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C--Section Update

I agree with all of you completely! The C-Section I had with the twins was a nightmare and I didn't have a baby to care for after. I read more about it last night and it only reminded me how much I DO NOT want a C-Section.

So Leif and I are praying a lot about it and doing all that we can to progress things along. But in the end, I'll have to leave it in the Lords hands.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life is Good: Day 23 (Or Less)

Well, I just had a great hour with my boys. Leif was working on a deadline project and I asked the boys to help me clean things up. It was just one of those times that I didn't have to fight them much to help. And once we cleaned up, because they helped, I wasn't feeling like a grizzly bear. We gradually moved into reading books together. One for Caleb, one for Jakob, and so on. We sat together and enjoyed each other's company. Then we easily moved into the bedtime routine. It was a refreshing moment. So grateful for times like those! At the very end as we were getting ready to pray Caleb did upset Jakob. After chiding Jakob for being a bit dramatic I did ask Caleb to tell Jakob he was sorry and it was precious to see Caleb go over to Jakob and give him a sincere hug and a kiss. Like I said, priceless!!

So, we went to another Dr appointment today. No progression except that the baby has grown and he is measuring (through ultrasound) head 39+weeks along and legs 38+ weeks along. As you can see from my ticker, technically, this baby is only supposed to be 36+ weeks along. So, it looks like I might have to make some decisions soon. The Dr, along with Leif and I, are not so sure that my body is up to the challenge of delivering a very large baby. Jakob and Caleb were 7+ pounds. Caleb was wedged in there (or something) but after pushing for a long long time, they had the use the baby vacuum to help suction him out. So a possible 8-9 pounder is a concern.

Dr. says to come in on Monday, if I haven't progressed to a point where he can use pitocin to start labor, then we might consider a C-section for a few days later. It's a bitter-sweet thought. I REALLY REALLY didn't want a C-section! But the thought of holding this little guy sooner then later, sounds VERY VERY enticing! So we'll see what happens. Leading up to that, can you guess what I'll be doing? You got it, HOMEWORK! Blah. Tonight though, I'm just going to feel the good vibes from the mama time I had with my boys... Sounds Good!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Good: Day 24

I'm still here. I'm just Very Tired, especially by the end of the day. I'm going to post now because I know I won't want to tonight.

I finally got the boys outside. Today is Leif's homework day. So it also means movie day for the boys. There is no entertaining or patience left in this mama. So thank you Netflix!! But, I did get them to go outside and I will take a minute to blog.

So life is a balancing act between baby prep, taking care of the house and kids, enduring pregnancy blah, and homework. I have never resented college homework so much. It would help if I liked my literature professor's way of doing things. Leif reminded me the other day that it's not her I don't like, it's her class. He got that from his current conflict management class;) Anyway, I have a lot of homework and All I want to do is waddle around and TRY to get things done. It's all coming along slowly. However, I'm really not sure how the dishes are going to get done before the baby. Leif' has just as much homework, and seriously, my belly doesn't allow me to reach the sink far enough or long enough to get them done. Luckily there's not too many and we'll work it out.

There really is a lot I could blog about. But I'm just too darn uncomfortable sitting here. So, let's just say that I wouldn't be too surprised if I actually went into real labor with this baby (I've been induced with all the others.) And if I don't give birth within the next two weeks, I might be surprised. Although I joke that it would just be my luck if I go to the due date. Good heavens my tummy will be huge!!! Seriously! Is there room in there for him?

That is the question... I need to go lay down.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is Good: Day 27

I am SO tired tonight. But I sat here and decided there were too many good things to mention not to post. So here it is:
  • Two days ago my friend Mandy and her girls came over for the afternoon. It was Great to have company and catch up with her! Thanks for visiting Mandy!
  • Yesterday I titled my post Good friends and Cold Treats. The cold treats were the smoothie for lunch and the slushie for night time dessert that I made with my Vitamix, LOVE IT!
  • Today Leif and I stopped at the Victorian Inn in K that has been recently purchased by new owners. I wanted to see if the rooms and rates had changed. They have, but it's still beautiful. Just not themed rooms. Anyway, when Leif told them were wanted to stay there for our anniversary and before the baby comes the lady had pity on us and gave us a great discount. So we get to look forward to a night there after finals. YIPPEE!
  • Today was very Hot, we knew it would be. So Leif and Jakob went to the corner store last night and brought home three blocks of ice. Today when it got hot, we filled the bath tub in the the living room with water and two blocks of ice. I'd like to think it helped. But if not, Caleb had a blast. I'll post pics tomorrow.
So there we are, Good Times!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life is Good: Day 28 (Good Friends and Cold Treats)

All is well, but my keyboard is throwing fittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttts SO I'll writtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee tomarrow. Hopefully! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life is Good: Day 30

You know, this count down thing really is good for me. On days like today it forces me to reflect on the day and find the good in it so I can write it down.

Last night I didn't take Ambian to help me sleep. I took Unisom instead. I was shocked at how terrible my night was! When I have the Ambian it puts me to sleep enough that I don't toss and turn because of my aches and pains. Good Heaven's, I don't know if I even slept last night. Actually, I do, because I dreamed about dogs the rest of the night once I fell asleep. The neighbor dogs were going crazy last night. Ambian blocks that out too. I woke up feeling worse then I have in a long time. After biting Leif's head off for the umpteenth time this afternoon, Leif graciously told me that tonight would need to be an Ambian night. I'm trying to ration them. But I'm not sure it's going to work... ANYWAY, I was able to fall asleep during nap time today and Leif quickly took the kids down to grandmas when they woke up. So I was able to sleep longer. I woke up feeling Much Better!! Thank you, Love!

After homework and dinner we did something fun. We pulled out all the baby clothes to wash them and remind me what we have. The boys watched the original Karate Kid and I sorted clothes. So the day ended fun. Another great thing was Jakob's help today. He helped me with laundry and cleaning throughout the day. He has his moments, but he's become a great helper around the house. Caleb is a copy cat, so if Jakob helps, Caleb helps. It's a good deal!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ultrasound Picture

Here's who we're counting down to: Pretty Neat, huh!?

From Baby 2010 Ultrasound

Life is Good: Day 31 (Doctor Visit)

Well, we had another Dr. Visit today. That's not anything new. But the interesting news is that I'm progressing, and the baby is measuring 37+ weeks when I'm technically only 35+ weeks along. That was surprising and comforting to all of us. The Dr. feels like the baby should be just fine if he comes early at this point. I'm VERY torn. I want to deliver NOW! But it would be so much better if Leif and I have no other distractions (school work) when the baby comes. So really the end of the first week in August would be best. But we'll see.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life is Good: Day 32

Today was a good day. It was nice to not feel obligated to do a lot of things, including my primary lesson. My primary co-teacher told me not to worry about teaching, or primary in general until after the baby is born. That really made it possible for me to stay through church today. It wasn't easy, but the lessons were nice and I'm glad I was able to stay.

I've worked on my rug some today. It's almost done, although it's only half the size of a normal rug. So I have to figure out what to do. I'm not going to take another year to weave more. I'll let you know what I decide.

Well, the boys are almost out of the shower and that means it's time to groom them and put them to bed:) The best part of the day. No, not really. The best was probably watching the boys play together. Love That!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life is Good: Day 33

Feed the kids
Do the dishes
Straighten the house
Feed the kids
Feed the kids
Feed the kids more
Bed Time!!

Still Pregnant, Everyone Doing Fine!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life is Good: Day 35

Today was a much better day! Leif and I ran away to SG for the day and his good mother watched the kids. We picked up the last of the baby things we need. So we're all set there. We also got our car EXTRA clean, went out to a yummy meal, and went to the latest Twilight movie.
It was nice to be together and not feel like we're playing tag the whole time with the kids. Much better then yesterday!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Life is Good: Day 37 (The Day... Not So Good)

Just one of those days!

Lots of contractions and heartburn. Strange baby movement (or something.) Frustrating school work! A lot to do, and not able to help or do it myself. Tomorrow will be better!

Jakob went to swimming lessons worried about the newer "harder" class, he loved it! That was good news!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Life is Good: Day 37 (Pictures Time!)

I Finally put the slideshow together from our Heaton Ranch and Coral Pink Sand Dunes trip. Enjoy!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Life is Good: Day 38

Well, I had planned to update on the kids and such. But I am really tired. We took Jakob in to the Dr. He has the same virus and Caleb. It's not strep. He still has a fever, but he's getting better. I feel bad because he's missing out on his second session of swimming lessons.

We took the chance to talk to the Dr. and do another stress test while we were there today. No progression, so that's good. The Dr. said we should be okay if I deliver in K hospital instead of SG where the NICU is. That's good news. Of course I wouldn't mind going early. But for the baby's sake and because of my school schedule that I just reviewed, I need to keep this boy cooking until the 2nd of August. I so don't want to be PG that long. But it would be best in the long run.

So my Good news tonight is, my mom went to Gardener Village today and found us a quilt to put on our bed. It is exactly the colors of our room. And it was on sale. Leif was very sweet and as we discussed it he just said, "well, Happy Anniversary." Very Sweet! The quilt that we use is the one Leif's mom made for our wedding and it needs to be retired before it's way too warn out. SO I'm really grateful for this new quilt! Good News!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Life is Good: Day 39

Today was a really good day. We all stayed home from church because Jakob is sick and I'm not really able to do too much these days. We watched a few church videos. One about the temple inspired Jakob to design his own temple. So he pulled out the art supply box and went at it. Papa read several books to the boys today and I sat around and worked on my rug and counted contractions. Seems that 10-12 minutes apart is the average of the day.

Caleb was precious today. It seemed he had a song in his heart that he hummed all day long. We always knew where he was because we could hear him humming or singing. He enjoyed snuggling Jakob a lot and picking up the books scattered on the floor and reading on his own. Papa made a yummy Pesto Pasta for dinner and then his favorite tapioca pudding for dessert. We have two chicks trying to hatch today so Leif and the boys have been checking on them all day. Leif took them and put them under one of our broody hens (Bessy) tonight. So hopefully all goes well. He's out there checking on them right now.

There was a good feeling in the home today. Poor Jakob was really sick when the IB Profin wore off and there was a lot of moaning and groaning from he and I combined. But we still had a good day!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Life is Good: Day 40 (Independence Day)

Happy Independence Day! We had a great one. We woke up early this morning for the traditional town fireman's breakfast. They usually wake us up with sirens. But not this year, that was a disappointment. But the breakfast and company was nice. I even walked to the park. It felt good for my phyci to be walking. But it wasn't the best idea. Oh Well!

We enjoyed the town parade shortly after breakfast. Always a short and sweet thing. The kids love the candy and the spray from the fire trucks.

Heather and her girls packed up and headed out soon after the parade. We were all really sad to see them go. We had a great time together and hope maybe they can come back sooner then later. We'll see...

Jakob woke up very grumpy this morning. He was ready for a nap before noon. We all were. So we enjoyed a long afternoon snooze. Unfortunately, Jakob woke up sick. We gave him medicine and thought he would be fine to go the the fireworks this evening. He seemed fine throughout the afternoon as we watched a few movies. But we were wrong. He threw up in the car (luckily in a bag) on the way to the fireworks. Thank Heavens grandma was there to help us along the way. We let Jakob decide whether to still go the fireworks or not. He chose to go. So we did and he rested on a blanket. The show was awesome. We had to sit and wait a long time, so it was nice that the fireworks lasted a long time. Caleb had a great time twirling the light sticks grandma had bought for the boys. He was very cute and happy the whole time. He just hummed and babbled to himself the whole time and on the way home. Jakob on the other hand threw up again as we drove home. So that was a bummer. Looks like we wore him completely out with all the fun this past week. Hopefully it will pass soon!

So, there it is, another small town Independence Day Celebration come and gone with some Good times and Good memories.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Life is Good: Day 41 (by hubbie)

Just helping out the wife a little with the blog. She's feeling quite pregnant for some reason...

Heaton Ranch Review:

We had a great time.

Home Review:

It's still standing.

Thanks for reading...boy this blogging stuff is easy.....

Just kidding.

Let me try that again.

Heaton ranch was a blast. First day we started things off with a huge dinner. Lena and I were a bit late because of the 3 hour doctor visit but we still had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. We prepared to feed an army. After our large dinner we swore we won't eat so much and then indulged in dutch oven cobbler. Bed time came we our little family found ourselves sleeping in the chicken room, a room decorated with different kinds of chicken wall paper and pictures.

The next day Lena and Heather were able to just sit and do their crafts most the day. It was fun watching them and I was glad Lena was able to do a bit of relaxing. The main reasons she couldn't relax the whole time was the playing in the pond. Jakob and I started the day with a walk around the pond then taking one of the boats out in the middle. We ended up playing water games for a while. We also went on a long or I should say high hike. Grandma and I lead most the kids including Caleb up to the top of the hill. That night we over ate again and then played night games. The kids loved our version of "Murder in the dark" we called "Snoop in the dark". The neatest part of the game was when we discovered "lightning bugs"flying around the stream and the ponds.

Next day was clean up then get dirty again day.

We spent the morning packing and cleaning up the ranch. We then drove to the local sand dunes and got completely sandy before the sun came out and started cooking our feet. After enjoying a scenic route home thanks to my mis-navigation we finally made it home.

At home we've relaxed and cleaned. The kids help clean the bathroom floor by flooding it pretty good. Heather went to the local national park. I was happy because I was able to sell some of our coronation sussex and buy a new egg turner for the incubator so I don't have to turn them 3 times a day.

Well thats about it. Tell next time...or until Lena comes and edits this!

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