Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My HCG Diet 2.0 Staples

Following the HCG Diet is working it's magic. That's for sure. I'm so grateful for the quick results! There's NO WAY I could stick to a typical reduced calories/exercise diet right now. NONE! Emotionally and Physically, things are too hard to make sacrifices that don't pay off quickly.

I started this round of HCG on Friday. It's been five days. I've lost 6 pounds. Yesterday, I went through the detox day. Where the body has burned so much so fast that all the crap that was stored in the fat is floating around waiting to be flushed out. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. So. Much. Pain. So I drank LOTS of water and prayed that I would feel better today. And I do. I am SO GRATEFUL!!

I took a picture yesterday of some of the staple foods and products that I use to help me get through the strictness of the diet. I think it sums it up well. I'll take more as the journey progresses.
It's been a few days since I've written. I'm having a rough go right now. There's not one single reason. I think it's just the load of life. We can't shake the Winter Sickness. It's been a long time since we had to deal with so much sickness. We were isolated for a long time as Travelers and Home Schoolers. So it's hard to get used to having so much snot, coughing, and headaches to deal with. Especially with a baby who is building up his immune system. Uhg!!

I forget it's the dead of Winter too. My body really likes to hibernate during the Winter. So even though it's often Sunny I think it still knows that in the past we went in to hibernation mode. This makes me really grateful for all of the big windows in our apartment that I can see the sunshine through.

PMDD has been BAD this month. Really Bad! The kind of bad that reminds me how closely PMDD can resemble a Multiple Personality Disorder. It's extra difficult because if something is planned at one moment that needs to be carried out in another moment, I could be feeling a completely different personality and ability. It's embarrassing and a Nightmare!!

And the longer we stay living in one place, the more it shows to other people how unstable my personal world can become at times. I have to remind myself that the huge majority of the people around me are clueless of the inconsistencies. Most people are just not that observant. But I am. And I recognize them. And it's Really Hard!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

No Longer Worshiping The Holy Chocolate God

There are only a few things that I don't blog about. My weight is one of them. But since I know that weight and eating habits is a very common subject we all think about and work on throughout our lives. And I have said that Mama's Thinking Corner is "as real as it gets." I've decided to "come out" of my comfort zone and share with you my journey.
I haven't talked about my weight, because I don't want to draw attention to it. I usually don't like the way I look. So why encourage others to look closer, right? So this is a big deal to me. The other reason I don't share, is because my body and how it works/doesn't work, is far from the norm. So it takes drastic measures to get any changes. And I feel judged and lazy because of it. So, for the last three+ years I have quietly taken the drastic measures needed and followed the same pattern over and over (minus a pregnancy in between.) 
And here I am again, beginning the new "cycle" for the new year. But this year is a bit different. I'm changing the end part of the cycle.
If you know me well, you know that I have a true blue, through and through, full on, Chocolate Addiction. The kind that can become all consuming if not kept in check. The kind that would be classified as an alcoholic if I drank alcohol.

So starting October 31st through January 1st is the beginning of my personal holiday of worshiping the Holy Chocolate God, without guilt. Because, hey, it's TRADITION!!!  🎜🎜🎜(sorry if you don't get that joke ;)  And then on January 7th for my birthday, my dear husband agrees to let me spend a ridiculous amount of money to buy what I need to loose the weight gained during my Holy Chocolate God worshiping binge. And in a couple of months I'm back to a healthier state until October 31st. ... Except not this October 31, 2019. I'm not going down the Holy Chocolate God worshiping road again. And that's that. I'll write about it, and lament then. But the decision is MADE! 
So for now, I am 10 pounds heavier then before my Holy Chocolate God worship trip this year. And exactly 21 pounds to where I want to be.

Alright, here's the explanation. My body is clinically unable to handle exercise other then walking and lifting my 20 pound baby. And if you know anything about the human body, you know that you have to turn on the metabolism to burn the fat. And then you have to decrease the intake of calories to allow the body to burn the right fat load. And anyone who Really Knows about the body knows that strolling to the school everyday is NOT the key that will unlock the fat burning furnace door. So I require a Key. Something more then just decreasing the calories. So I have two choices thanks to modern day science and education.
I could follow the Keto Diet. Or the HCG diet. 
I tried the Keto diet once and I can't stomach it. I have studied old fashion holistic health and nutrition too long to get my mind to wrap around the fat intake. I believe in the science. But I literally can't get myself to eat it and enjoy it. Also, once I stop following the diet, I now have a TERRIBLE habit and liking for some Very Very unhealthy foods when I'm not following the diet. For example, if you add sugar and bread to the keto diet you have entered a very Fast Track Pass to Weight Gain City. So, I just can't do it.  
The HCG diet wasn't much better for years. In fact, I wrote about it here about 10 years ago after following it. Gratefully though, scientists and doctors have continued to study and have created a much healthier and realistic plan for following the HCG diet. In fact, after three years of me using HCG Injections, I have Finally found HCG drops or even patches that are strong enough to use as an alternative to the injections and less expensive. And for those of you who followed the original HCG diet with only eating 500 calories a day and yada yada yada of HARD STUFF; I'm telling you, it's not as hard as it was!!! Still not easy. But definitely not as hard!! I am using a book called the HCG 2.0. as a guideline. My personal calorie count is around 550-600 calories each day. And still almost no sugar and carbs. But we are able to eat some fats that come from proteins. But still no hard cheese. Not That Much fat. :) I'll post some of my meals and foods as I go. 
And seriously, I lose weight. It's the only way my body is able to let go of the fat. And it's pretty fascinatingly awesome! Stay tuned for more updates and stories over the next few months. 

Family Life Photo Dump!!

Caleb and JJ are excited to participate in the scouts Pinewood Derby this weekend. This is one thing I have done my best at making sure all of the boys have participated in and worked on with Leif. Even when Leif lived away from home, some how he has always managed to help the boys on their cars and they've had a great time! 

Joshua LOVES stuffed animals. LOVES THEM! This is him in the bin of animals at Walmart. :)

Joshua is reading us a story. This is a cute pic Leif caught of me listening to Joshua..

I haven't rewatched this. But it was cute when I recorded it. So hopefully it's appropriate. lol!  Joshua LOVES to be read to and to read to us. 

I walked in the room after asking the boys to feed the baby something and he had licorice running down his mouth. :) Mmm!

Guess who finally lost his two front teeth!? And he sounds so cute!!!  

My little Dapper boy waiting and reading with Papa at the Neurology appointment. He passed with flying colors. No more residual problems from the rough birth. 

This is a pic of me trying to get a pic of all of Joshua's curls. But he moves so fast. It's almost impossible to really catch how cute they are. 

This is the rain. It RAINED AND RAINED for an entire week. They say it was Very unusual. It was fun at first. Then, not so much. We Love our sunshine!!
And this my friends, is a clean bathroom counter. It took months for me to really get it cleaned off. But I finally did. This is my "Just Keep Swimmin'" Pic tht reminds me that we just have to keep trying and eventually what we're working towards WILL get done as long as we keep working on it.:)

Monday, January 21, 2019

This week is supposed to be my GOOD WEEK! But, alas. it is Not! πŸ˜• I am trying so hard to make it Great! But I just feel Blaaa. Not sure if it's the change of meds; the lack of Welbutrin or the new Celexa? Or if I'm still getting over the virus from last week. Or a new one. Or just... what?

But it's a huge bummer! I feel like I have so much insight right on the tip of my brain, screaming to come out. But there's a huge fog there blocking it from coming out clearly. And when I can finally find the words I am either too tired to get up and write it down, or I am suddenly interrupted or distracted and the thought is then Gooone!

Sigh... Someday the words will flow again... Until then I just keep fighting to take care of my tribe and enjoy my life as it is... Beautiful, enough. πŸ’“
I am Thrilled to say that I've FINALLY seen a star fish living in their natural habitat. 😁 Leif and I ran away for an hour on Saturday to check out the HB pier during a negative tide. It was a Gorgeous day! And just as I was hoping there would be, there was a star fish nestled amongst the shells. Next time I might take a board out so I can get close enough to touch it. 

What a blessing it is to live so close to the ocean!! 

What a day

Monday, January 14, 2019

We Caught The Sickness... uhg!

What day is it???  Seriously! I think yesterday was Sunday. But I was asleep the entire day. I vaguely remember Leif wearing a suit somewhere in between asleep and awake.

A few days ago Joshua ended up being really sick with a stomach virus. Right before he got sick we had a day filled with doctor visits. Jakob was officially diagnosed with mild yet, active arthritis (again.) But this time the doctor had a brain and actually helped us move forward on what we could do to help him. Gratefully we won't have to use systemic medication for him. He thinks the arthritis is only in the knee. So they were able to treat it with a steroid shot. Jakob handled it Very Well!! Shots and procedures are very overwhelming for him. We also confirmed that he has a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system, like me. (Sorry Buddy!!) That's why he has Rhaynauds symptoms and the orthostatic problems. That is something Jakob will have to work on balancing himself. Unless it gets clinical. For now it's finding what works: More water? More salt? Mind control? Heat? Layers? yadi yada yada.

Straight from Jakob's appointment I went to the dentist. I know that it's time to go get a tooth fixed when the gum starts to hurt. Otherwise, I am blessed with no pain even though my teeth are brittle and breaking. So I went in, also being the beginning of the new year and a new medical insurance term. They immediately started working on crowning one molar. Unfortunately, two molars have to come out. I have a few more that can be crowned to preserve them for future work. So we've decided to do that and then be done for the year. That and getting a jaw CT Scan to determine the viability of my jaw bone for possible reconstruction. Hopefully I can go get that done soon. The work done seems to have been fine. However, I should have asked for a prescription of prednisone. Because my mouth is filled with sores from the work that was done. I'll remember that next time. I wonder if I should just get a little shot right into the mouth during the surgery. Or through the IV. I'll have to look into that.

During my dentist appointment Leif called to tell me the baby was puking. Poor guy!!! Nothing worse then a puking baby and hungry kids, and no mama. It's like Leif working as an RN with no CNA! :) :) :)  He told me had ordered Wendy's to be delivered through Door Dash. When I heard that, I knew this was serious. :) Later on I saw the bill ($50) It must have been Very Serious!!! LOL!!!

The next day Joshua was supposed to go to his Neuro appointment about the nerve damage from his rough birth. Unfortunately, he was way too sick. We decided to take him in for some Zofran and a flu/strep test. Gratefully, the strep was negative. He didn't have enough feverish symptoms for flu. During the appointment we were meeting with the Nurse Practitioner instead of the Doctor. We took the opportunity to ask her about precepting Leif for his clinicals. She said she knew just the people to call and that she would call them that day.  this was a very Tender Mercy!!  Leif called the people today and it's looking promising.

So, we brought Joshua home and he and I crashed! We were so tired! And this is where it all starts to become foggy. In between asleep and awake I placed a grocery order on Instacart for Costco and the grocery store. We watched/listened to some of a good Jazz game. I found myself cleaning up puke in the middle of the night from Jakob being sick. Then somewhere in there I was the one puking.  I wasn't messing around though. I took the zofran. But I also to phenagren left over from my pregnancy. That stuff knocks me out for HOURS!!!!  I was asleep all day. Leif said that I helped clean up baby after puking and pooping. But I barely remember it.

The only thing I remember while so drowsy, is that I dreamed on and on and on about the possibility that I was pregnant. And how absolutley life altering that would be. Subconsciously/consciously I knew that I was supposed to have been visited by aunt flo in between all of this. But she hadn't arrived yet. I knew that it was 1 in 1000 chance that I could be pregnant. But with my body and helath history, 1 in 1000 had happened multiple times. So I remember calculating the fact that I have only missed my period 8 times in my life and all of those 8 times I was pregnant. :) :) And this went on and on and on.  Until I was finally awake and alert enough to go find my calendar. Sure enough, I was late. But.... Have no fear!!! She made her grand entrance this morning. Well, not real grand. But who complaining of a light aunt flo visit!? Not Me!!!

But it sure has made me wonder for the umpteenth time why we didn't just have them take everything out when they tied my tubes. As much as we would love and welcome another baby, people, it would be MADNESS!!! If you followed Joshua's pregnancy you understand. :) :)

So, here we are. I'm not pregnant. Not puking, but still quezzy and sore. Jakob is a bit queezy and sore. Joshua is also queezzy and sore, from what we can tell. I kept everyone home from school. This isn't something to share. Caleb has a sore throat. Nothing else. JJ isn't sick, but did lose his two front teeth. Finally!! :) :) :)

I've finally caught everything up. It's time for a nap and to read more from the latest book I'm reading The Empath's Survival Guide Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Judith Orloff, MD. :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

PMDD Game Changer

Yesterday I  went to my new Doctor. I've been waiting for this appointment for weeks. My plan was to apply the information that I've studied about PMDD and change some of my meds to see if I find something that helps me feel better, more.
The studies say that the med of choice for PMDD is an SSRI. Way back in the day, about 10 yrs ago I was consistently on an SSRI. We've come to realize that during that time the mood swings were not as ridiculous. Far fewer visits from Marge.
But when I have been on SNRI's for body pain (Cymbalta), then the mood swings are consistently ridiculous.  The Cymbalta helps my pain a lot. So I'll stay on that. But I've also been taking Wellbutrin to help with energy. Which is not helping. So I'll wean off of that.
So my doctor has prescribed the SSRI Celexa. And to help with energy and weight loss from bad holiday habits, she has agreed to let me take a round of Phentermine. When that's done, we'll talk about a stimulant to use as needed on the worst fatigue days.
So, here's to game changes and happier, healthier days ahead!!  I can't wait!

Not Much Getting Done

We're taking a sick day or two... Unfortunately, This is how we both feel.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

What A Wonderful Birthday!

Today we celebrated my 40th Birthday! Wowza!! Forty Years Old... How cool is that!? 😁
We met our good friend's the Days at the theater and watched Mary Poppins Returns. It was very cute and the kids especially loved it!! I loved being surrounded by so many Friends and my family.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Tonight us adults met at Island Burger and enjoyed a great meal and even better company.  It's so nice to have so many wonderful friends!!! I feel very very blessed!!
Happy Birthday, Indeed!

Friday, January 04, 2019

An Uphill Climb Kinda Day

Today was an uphill climb.  I accomplished almost all of what I HAD to do. Mostly phone calls and just feeding my kids. But it took everything I had to do what I did.

Today was a classic bad PMDD day. It even included a little bit of Marge. In fact, she helped me write a whole blog post that I might or might not post later. It's about a somewhat controversial subject within the church that might be too offensive and strongly opinionated to share. I have to have Leif read through it first and make sure it's filled with some 🌞Light🌞before I share it. As I've said before, if "Marge" is involved, chances are it's pretty out of balance. So we'll see...

But anyway, I survived the day. Made a million doctors appointments, it seems. Taught the first lesson of the Come Follow Me curriculum with the boys, and made sure everyone ate three times in the day. So that's a success.

My body hurts today. My shoulders are struggling so bad. The muscles and ligaments are both tight and stretched. If that's possible. It's a mess. I used the electric shoulder massager today. Now I'm covered in bruises... Seriously! :(  But the good news is I have a doctor appointment with a new doctor. Actually a Nurse Practitioner. I'm praying she's humble enough to accept me walking in with a list of meds I need and specialist referrals to boot. I'm PRAYING that she'll not make me go to a psychiatrist for SSRI's and just prescribe them herself. If you feel like it, pray for me! πŸ˜€

Well, Leif's on his way home. He has the next two days off. Tomorrow we're going to celebrate my 40th birthday. It's going to be a Great Day!!!πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Sunshine and Seashells

This morning I saw this pic on our Huntington Beach Community Forum. The guy told us that there was going to be a Negative Tide this afternoon. I would love to see something like this!!! So I worked on mustering some strength. It was a battle against some serious fatigue. So I went to Facebook to get some cheerleaders. :) And Cheer they did!!! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Ok guys. I'm gonna do it. I'm going to battle off the wicked fatigue I have today. And I'm going to take the boys to the beach during the negative tide in search of amazing things like this!!! Wish me luck! I have 3 hours to feel good!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸšπŸ™πŸ¦€πŸ™ Photo Credit Joe Katchka of Huntington Beach CA.

So, we ventured out and the boys chose to go to a beach that is known for seashells. They Really didn't want to go to the pier. So we'll go there another time. We had a great time! Blue Skies, Sunshine, Seashells, and Ocean. Can't get better then that!!

Personal Scripture Study - Challenge Accepted

Most likely you are one of the amazing women who heard our prophet ask us a few months ago to start and finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, and then to share our experiences. πŸ˜€ So, I've been reading on Facebook for the last week all about your special experiences while taking on that challenge. 

Well, here's mine... I'VE STARTED! I'VE FINALLY STARTED!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  I've felt bad that I didn't take on the challenge. In fact, I have to be honest, I only skimmed over your experiences. Because I was jealous. But I'll repent and go back and read it with heart.πŸ˜‰

I loved the hug that President Nelson gave those of us who didn't finish this particular race, when he said "I hope that each of these invitations has brought you closer to the Savior. If you have struggled with any of them, please don’t be hard on yourself. You can start today. The Lord is happy with any effort we make to draw closer to Him." πŸ’“ This is Love! This is Christlike Love! No condemnation. Just loving encouragement and validation for what efforts we have and will put forth. I feel blessed to be led by a man who leads in this way. 

So, I started today to read The Book of Mormon and finish it by the end of the year. I am following a cute little calendar I found online. And Leif and I started to read The New Testament together. What a peace the scriptures bring into our lives. 

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Leif and Lena Baron Family
Christmas Update for 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our Dear Friends and Family!!  We hope that this letter finds you well and happy. Our family is doing well! We've officially lived in California for one year now. Three months in Bakersfield and nine months in Huntington Beach.

Leif is working in Compton at MLK Community Hospital as a permanent float pool RN and is no longer a travel nurse. He enjoys the hospital and his co-workers. And they Love him! As a float pool nurse he is assigned to departments all over the hospital including the ER and the ICU. His latest evaluation was filled with praise and gratitude from the administration. Can't beat that! He is also finishing up his final year of his Masters Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. It's amazing to think that there's a light at the end of that tunnel. Leif and I finally convinced ourselves, and the ward leadership, that we will truly be staying here. Leading them to give us each a calling in the ward. Leif is serving in the primary and I am in the primary presidency as second counselor.  Leif is an amazing nurse. But he is an even better father and husband. He brings a life and light to our home that is hard to beat.

Lena, well, I'm doing well! I am happy. And I have all that I could ask for. I have a testimony of my Savior and His gospel. I have an amazing husband. I have seriously, Seriously, amazing children. Especially my sweet baby who is currently my constant companion. Which I know was absolutely meant to be for this time in my life. I live in a beautiful part of the country in a place close to the ocean, sunshine, and all of the conveniences of life that a mother could ask for. I am making good friends along the way. And keeping friends old and new from around the world. My cup runneth over, really. On the harder days I have plenty of good things to keep me from falling too deep, for too long into the dark. We have finally narrowed down the names and diagnosis' to my ailments. Which has been a lifelong journey up to this point.  And we are only steps away from getting control of a lot of the struggles I face daily. I feel very very grateful and blessed!!

Jakob. Jakob. Honestly, Jakob is the linchpin of the family right now. His mood and influence determines much of how the rest of the house feels. Gratefully, he is most often cheerful, helpful, silly, and uplifting. Wherever Jakob is, there will be music. He revolves around listening to, exploring, and creating music. All different genres :)  Jakob has full blown ADD. So this means that he is a constant multitasker. For example, right now he's listening to his current music, while playing or watching his favorite computer game of War Thunder (currently as a Fighter Pilot), all while juggling his baby brother. Really, that's a small scale example for him. Most of the time he's flipping through several different random YouTube things he's researching at the moment. All while playing and listening to music. He's pretty impressive. His parkour, writing, and acting skills are equally impressive. He is now a Teacher in the Priesthood and takes this very seriously. Jakob has a "presence" about him. He makes a big impact on whatever, whoever, and where ever he is. I love to watch him interact with the kids at church and school. He's so unique. Yet, they all admire him. It's pretty fascinating to watch. Jakob has his health challenges too. Which we're finally able to address. His rheumatologist is the chief rheumatologist of the children's hospital and is a great doctor. Jakob's up against some challenges with Juvenile Arthritis. But he'll tackle them like a champ. Of that I have no doubt.

Caleb, what would we do without Caleb!? Caleb "shakes things up a bit", every day. 😁 He is showing so much progress in school. He's in the 4th grade and we love to watch his writing and spelling improve as he puts his mind to it daily. Caleb has a kind and tender heart. He really wants everyone around him to be their best self. Caleb still Loves WWII and military history, especially anything about tanks and tank battles. Caleb still battles Autism and ADHD. But he has mastered many “life skills” by now that have moved him forward in many ways. We are so proud of him and love every ounce of him and all that he is.

JJ, or rather, “Jonathan”, as he has chosen to go by at school; is as wonderful and complex as his full given name of Jonathan Jefferson Lee Baron. 😲 He was baptized this summer and his tender spirit and desire to do good reflects the commitment to Christ he made. He is doing great in school. And has made a lot of friends. Which means that he's finally able to go a week or more without talking about how much he misses Alton (his favorite place to live). πŸ˜‰ JJ Loves dinosaurs and hopes to be a paleontologist some day. JJ is a great brother. Especially with Joshua. He will read and play with him for hours. I also love to watch JJ and Caleb navigate their relationship. I often compare them to “two grumpy old men, sittin’ on a porch, tryin’ to outdo each other as they talk story.” πŸ˜‚ They know that if I start calling them “Frank” and “Bob”, that it's time for them to simmer down and make some peaceπŸ’“

Joshua. Our precious Little Caboose. I would be, and was, lost without him. I love all of my children! But each of them has had the season where they are “My Baby.” And this is his. Though, I have a feeling that his season might last just a little bit longer then the others did. ;) Joshua is what I call a “conflicted introvert”.  Much like his Papa, he can be the life of the party and yet be one who would rather hang back within his own thoughts and observations. He has a presence about him, much like Jakob. People are drawn to his warmth. Though his quick smile and strawberry blonde curls help him in this regard, i’m sure. He will jibber jabber to people, himself, the windows, and to his toys, all day long. Telling all of his favorite stories.
He LOVES HIS BROTHERS and will mimic their every word and action. Truthfully, the only real word that he says without hesitation and with full understanding is  “pray” .And he brings his two hands together in the sign of prayer. It shocked and tickled us when he surprised all of us one night at family prayer. Otherwise, there's a lot of testing of sounds and signs. But few true blue words. He says “mama”. But rarely with a purpose. Joshua is healthy for the most part. He's walking, eating, and doing all the cute things a 15 month old baby should. The only concern that still lingers from his rough and early birth is the possibility of some nerve or neurological damage with his right arm. It's very subtle. But he crawls on a fist and his arm gives out on him here and there. So we're meeting with a Pediatric Neurologist about that. He also has a problem with his right eye. It likes to wander outwards on occasion. So that will be fixed later. Once the muscles are grown more. So, all in all, for a baby who came out not breathing for a bit, we are So Very Grateful for the health and strength he is blessed with. And for the treasure that he has become within our family.

Thank you all for catching up with us! Please know that we Love you all and miss you and your company. Also, please remember that there are  ALWAYS Good Things To Come in this life! We must not give up! Please endure to the end, In Christ. For, we know with all of our hearts that He will carry us through all things.

With Love,
The L&L Baron Family

Rough Day

THIS is what a pretty bad day looks like. I thought it appropriate that my pajamas say ME.  I'm so grateful for the Blogger app on my phone. Otherwise, I would not be blogging.
The next stage has hit. Stage three last week was easy compared to other months. But starting New Years eve night, BAM!#! Next Stage. I was woke up from my body pain. And that's. Sayin something. Because I went to sleep exhausted. Yeah, the pain level was about a 7. I've kept it down to 5/6 since then with Ib profin and tylonal. But man, the hardest part today is the lethargy.

The house is a disaster! We had to empty the van Completely to take it to the shop. So the house is overflowing. Then we walked in New Years eve from our party and Dropped everything in the kitchen and went to bed. Then yesterday no cleaning took place. So, Cr#p! It's a Mess!!!  (insert crying emoji). The baby was up every two to three hrs last night. And if you know me, you know our night starts Very early. Like 7pm early. So that's a lot of getting up and down. That wasn't helpful.
Leif works for the next two days. So I have to reign this in by myself. 

So let's think:
Laundry: towels and shirts
Bathrooms: Jakob replace garbage bags into cans. Littles gather clothes to baskets.
Living Room: Garbage Check (everyone gather garbage and throw it away.) Littles gather Shoes, Blankets.
Kitchen: Garbage check. Jakob help put big things away. Clear eating area on table.

So it's been a few hours. I was able to rally and get up and go. Thanks to a good friend who sent me a text cheering me on. Thanks to Facebook, she knew I was struggling. :) She was too. And she sent pics to let me know that I wasn't alone. :) So I decided to show some pics. The house isn't spotless. But it's sanitized and tidy enough. I am grateful for what we accomplished. Now I'm ready for a nap. :) :) :) 
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