Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Looking Back and Forth at History

Lately I've been thinking a lot about history. Personal history, world history, family history. And I've determined that, in fact, hindsight is 20/20. 

We've pulled out our Save boxes that were stored in MO for the last ten years. Pulling out things I haven't looked at in decades. My grandma's recipe drawer that I took when she died. My many many journals and photo albums from my childhood and youth. Mission photos. ( I haven't pulled out mission journals yet.) But the experience has been eye opening. A remembrance. A lesson about myself and some weaknesses I still carry with me to this day. And a reminder of how deeply and personally I lived with the Spirit when I was young. 
I'm going to figure out a way the fix some of my weaknesses. 

The Russian president, Putin, is stiring things up in the east again. He did this in 2014. Lined up along the border of Russia and Ukraine, pumping his chest. Invading just enough to take back a portion of Ukraine that he really wanted. He got everyone in the world riled up and on alert for war for months. And then slowly let it all fizzle out.
And he's doing it all again. Except he hasn't invaded at all. And at this point he's trying to manipulate the event into a West caused "confusion." While Ukraine's leaders are trying desperately to downplay the entire thing because they don't want an uprising panic. In their words, they're far from grateful for the West and NATO taking this seriously and preparing to help. I wish we could ignore it. But a move like that from superpower Russia can't be ignored or it will just pick up steam. I wonder what history will tell about this.

Meanwhile, China is itching for war with Taiwan. I think they'd welcome the distraction of a war in Europe to help them make a move. The fact that the U.S. Navy had a Terrible mishap with one of our most sophisticated jets and accidentally flipped it into China waters.🤦‍♀️

It's all a Perfect Storm for war.

Although, we've got our own mess here on our own soil. So Much Division! And so much crime because the law makers supported some stupidity that allows thousands of convicted felons back on to our streets and lightened the sentence of Petty crime. So we've got mayham on our streets and in our stores. Even the trains are being robbed. It's madness. 

And all while trying to handle this seemingly endless pandemic. And an endless Trump investigation of all of his Stupidity. Politicians desperately scrambling to convict him of enough that he will be uneligable to ever run for president again. 

History will be 20/20
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