Saturday, April 15, 2017

Facebook is the New Blog

How sad that it's been SOOO Long since I've updated this blog!!!  Luckily I have life documented elsewhere. But I shouldn't let it slip like this. It doesn't help that I started writing on a new blog for our latest adventure.

I'm pregnant again. Thrilled!! But still often wonder What the He*l we were thinking getting back to this part of life's journey. But this baby wants a body relentlessly. And after years of not being able, a miraculous healing, months of praying, professional counseling we began the sojourn of bringing another baby into this world. His story can be followed on

Otherwise, we still live with family in Alton. Leif is working at all of the local hospitals in the region. The kids LOVE School! Our pony passed away due to old age. Our goats have all given birth except for one who is due any time. We Love our world. My only struggle is the absolute remoteness of where we live. One Hour OVER A MOUNTAIN to get to Walmart and TWO HOURS to the temple and Costco. I'm trying to hang on through this part of the journey and focas on the many positives we have to be grateful for.

Life is Good! NOT EASY, but Good!
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