Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Much To Be Grateful For

I am feeling much better! Yippee! And we had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I figured I would take a moment while we wait for the kids to REALLY fall asleep to share some of the things on my "Gratitude List." Here it goes:

1. My Heavenly Father. Without Him, I would have nothing on this list. All truly good things come from Him.
2. My Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would feel no peace.
3. Leif. Without him, I would be lost.
4. My children. Without them, I would be sad.
5. All of my other family members. Without them, I would be lonely.
6. Medicine. Without that, I would be sick.
7. Leif's parents. Without them, we would be homeless.
8. Our car. Without that, we would be stuck.
9. Talented authors. Without them, I would be bored and less enlightened.
10. The Internet. Without it, I would be less connected and left with far less opportunity to gain knowledge.
11. My friends. Without them, I would laugh less.
12. My friends and family who are still firm in their testimonies. They give me strength and hope for the future and spare me some sadness.

I have much to be grateful for. Much more then what I have written here. But this is a good start.

Friday, November 19, 2010

"Truck" A.K.A. Strep Throat

Last night I wrote about what I thought was a Fibromyalgia flare up. However, I woke up at 2 in the morning with a fever of 103 degrees. I had a sore throat but it wasn't any worse then the aches. So I didn't think too much about it. In the morning I checked my throat and realized what I had. Thank Heavens for medicine!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hit By A Truck!

Have you ever lay in bed and felt like you've been hit by a truck while you were asleep? I swear it must have run right over me and I didn't see a thing!!;)

Yep, today was one of those days. I could feel it coming on last night. And in the middle of the night it hit full force and lasted throughout the day. Our sleeping habits have been disturbed by Caleb's struggles from the surgery. And then JJ decided to join in the fun and fuss and cry and refuse to eat. Lovely! Luckily Leif and I make a good team and when my body won't let me move another muscle unless I HAVE to, Leif steps up and meets the need. So Lucky!

It's bed time again. The kids are in bed and I wanted to make sure they're REALLY in bed before snuggling down in my own heavenly mattress. And it looks like they are, so Gnight! Better days ahead!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Insight About Life, Death, Heaven, and Peace

My eyes were opened to new insight last night. I am going to try to put it into words.

Yesterday Leif and I read the headlines on the news and read the story about the horrible accident in Arizona that killed several motorcyclists and a passenger in one vehicle. It was a complete accident. Directly after reading the article, I turned to Leif and said "it's too bad the driver didn't die too." The unsaid words to this statement of mine were, "the pain and guilt of such an accident would be so unbearable, I would rather death then have to face such a trial." Leif on the other hand made no comment to mine.

Later that evening we were talking in bed about our relationship and love for each other. I half jokingly said "I hope you don't mind, but I've prayed that we'll both enter heaven at the same time." Again, the unsaid words were "I hope we both die together, because the pain of being without you on earth would be too much to take." Leif chuckled and assured me that he didn't mind such a prayer. However, he followed up with a teaching moment. He mentioned my comment about the car accident. He proceeded to tell me that he can't understand such the reasoning behind wanting death over life. He explained that he never blames anyone who wishes for it, he just simply doesn't understand it.

It has taken several years for me to come to understand Leif's reasoning behind this. For example, when we lost our girls he handled the loss far different then I did. He lives very much in the moment and lets the past and future worry over itself. This is because Leif has been blessed with a special gift. His faith in, and understanding of heaven and the eternities is sure and clear. His spirit still reminds him of the millenia of time that we spent in the premortal existence preparing for this short time on earth. There was Nothing we longed for more then coming to earth, come what may, it made no difference. Leif clearly envisions this life as an accelerated learning course. One that we are to gather as much learning and experience from as possible. So the desire to end the course early is confusing to him.

In my mind, I envision heaven as pure bliss (as long as Leif is there with me.) I think of it as pain free, negative emotion free, etc. On the other hand, Leif is right when he reminded me that my vision isn't completely accurate. We will still feel the same feelings on the other side of the vail as we feel here. We will all continue to have agency, freedom to choose the light of Christ or not. So in his mind he saw the driver in the accident still struggling with the guilt of taking several people's life. In fact, he sees the possibility of an unforgiving victim coming to the driver in the spirit world and venting their emotions about their life being taken early. Yes, heaven has a stronger influence of Christ. But we do not forget this earthly life and it's happenings and emotions once we enter. Yes, there will be a time of pure bliss after this life, but that time only comes after the second coming of Christ when those who are worthy enter into the Celestial Kingdom with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Therefore, wishing death upon a struggling person is not the answer. Praying that the person will overcome the heartache they suffer is.

So the "new" insight? Life is priceless. Come what may, and Love it! Death is not necessarily the answer to pure peace. The Atonement of Jesus Christ and His healing power is the only Pure Peace.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My JJ is 3 Months Old

JJ's three months old already! Time is flying by. I am grateful for one unique fact when it comes to JJ's first few months. I have had many more quiet-calm-sleepy moments with him. With both Jakob and Caleb we had huge trips planned by the time they were just over a month old. There haven't been any such trips with JJ. It's been really nice.

JJ's my BIG/Little one. He weighs 14+ pounds. Let's put it in perspective, Caleb weighs 23 pounds and he's 2 years old.

Ahh, we love our JJ! These pictures show the Love!
From JJ 3 Months

From JJ 3 Months

From JJ 3 Months

From JJ 3 Months

From JJ 3 Months

From JJ 3 Months

We're Home and Recovering

Wasn't that a sweet surprise by my hubby!? If he posts on the blog it's usually because I'm tired or busy and I ask him to write a quick update. This last post from him was all from him. He knew that it would brighten my day!;) Gotta love the man! Thank you Love for updating so I don't have to give the full run-down on Caleb's surgery. Especially because I am SOOO tired tonight.

So with that said, I'll now take a minute and thank all of YOU who sent well wishes and love our way! We have felt your prayers. Caleb is doing much better then I had expected and braced myself for. Really, this just feels like Caleb's fever week. He's not very cheerful or obedient and he's self-centered. I expected him to be in severe pain and to have a lot of stress. As long as we can keep up with the IB Profin and Tylenol the pain is under control. The only occasional thing that's not like his fevers is that he chokes easier. I hope things continue to go smoothly.

The most stressful moments were the trip back home from Flagstaff. Caleb had refused his meds all day and was spitting everything out (I got a lovely face full of bright red Tylenol, NICE!) I was afraid we would have to take him back to the hospital in Kanab if we didn't get him to take it. So, I PRAYED!

Gradually the answers came. First, the thought came to buy tablet forms of the meds we needed. But he was refusing even them. Then when we got home and settled in, the most important answer came. Caleb is stubborn. He likes to think that things are his idea, and his way. So, the thought came to me to take the medicine bottle and shake it loud enough for Caleb to hear (when he's well he comes running to the sounds of vitamins or medicine because he thinks of them as a treat.) So I rattled the bottle and set it on the table and walked away. Sure enough, within a minute Caleb had come into the kitchen and brought me the bottle of IB Profin. THANK YOU Father!! I pray that he continues to take them.

So, that's the update. We're just taking it easy and hoping that things continue to go smoothly. Thanks again everyone for your well-wishes! God Bless!
From Caleb's Tonsillectomy

From Caleb's Tonsillectomy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the hospital with Caleb...

(Papa update)

I thought I'd surprise my sweet wife and do an surprise post for her. I hope she likes it.

Let me tell you about our trip so far.

I took Wed. off so I could help pack and get ready. I'm glad I did because as always its more of a chore than planned. My sweet parents offered to let us take their car which is nicer and also more reliable. Thank you parents! We got off a bit late but that was fine. We choose several books on tape and a few regular books to read/listen to on the trip. I wasn't thinking and never pulled out the books I choose so they didn't get packed. But we ended up listening to the first part of "InkHeart" So far it was good. But regressing a little, while we were getting ready all the kids were excited.

Jakob was thrilled because he got to spend a few days with Grandpa and Grandma. (Thanks again!)

Caleb was thrilled, because we were going on a trip and we brought movies for the ride!

J.J. was thrilled...ok maybe not thrilled but he was his happy self.

Overall the trip went fine. We did joke that it looked like we went from forest to beautiful desert to the moon and back into the mountains. We had a couple stops to feed JJ but it was fine. We got into Flagstaff after dark and still had to find a walmart to get a new stroller. (yes we have a forest of them by our house but every single one has its straps destroyed or don't go with a car seat.) That we were running late, walmart also became dinner. yummm....

We were lucky, thanks to Lena's diligence and got to stay at the Taylor house next to the hospital. We got in and settled around 8:30. We put the kids to bed and had a long relaxing sleep. :) Ya right....

The short version is Caleb fell out of bed twice. The second time really waking him up so he wanted his water bottle, that he could have. We spend the next 2 hours or so looking for it. 2-4:30am. This was after we had heater problems were we couldn't sleep until midnight. Then at 5:10 sharp we started our day. Don't you love 2-3 sleep nights.

We got to the hospital to find out his appointment had been moved back an hour. grrrrrrr.

We are grateful; the surgery went well. The only bummer is he woke up before we were there. He was not happy at all. After some morphine and love he fell back asleep and never struggle that bad again today.

During the day today we has taken naps and watched a lot of movies. He has been a great trooper. He has now eaten well and drank well. His biggest complaint is the IV in his foot and that he can't run around.

This afternoon Lena took JJ back to the Taylor house and Caleb and I have had some one on one time. (We watched movies and some NBA basketball) Actually we also played on the floor together, played with his stuff animals and just had fun spending time together.

It's now 8:30 and Caleb has been asleep for around 20 minutes. I hope it is a good night for all of us. Lena and JJ need their sleep and I know Caleb and I sure could use some good sleep tonight also. If all goes well the doctor will come and sign us out early in the morning then we can go home!

Anyway, Love you Lena and you are the best Mother and Wife!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just Checking In

I've been out of Blog World for a little while. I've just been busy and most of the evenings it's all I can do to get the kids in bed and then climb in my own. I love that we put our kids to bed EARLY on school nights. Most nights they are in bed by 7:30, sometimes by 7:00. So here it is 8:12, and I've had an hour to update with all of my friends and family in blog world. It's good to feel well enough to catch up.

So, I'll update a bit. We're doing good. G'night!;) Who did that sound like?? If you know Leif, you'd know I was just mimicking him. Okay, let's just go by name:

LEIF: He's watching the big Jazz game tonight and it sounds like they might just pull it off. And when I say watching, I actually mean he's watching as it gives a play by play. What a good sport and faithful fan. He loves basket ball. It's his outlet. Luckily I grew up with Jazz games and BYU games, so I don't mind the nights when he wants to stay up for the game. He's talking about my dad right now and wondering if he's going crazy as he watches the game. He said he'll call him after the game. I love that Leif loves my dad!:)
Otherwise, Leif works really hard and is doing well in school. Yep, I Love Him!

ME: Well, I have good days and bad days when it comes to how I feel. I've found that the days where I have to carry JJ around in his car seat, and carry Caleb up and down the stairs (he's afraid of the stairs) more then one time are my worst days. JJ weighs over 14 pounds now. So I try to find ways to not have to lug him around. Every day I set two goals for the day (get the dishes done, scrub the toilet, mop the floor, etc.) If I get those done, then I've had a successful day. When it comes to hobbies, well, I've really enjoyed sewing on my sewing machine lately. This weekend I traced a pattern off of one of my nightgowns and made me a house dress. It turned out okay for a very first project. I look forward to trying new things in the future.

JAKOB: My Jakob, ahh how I love this boy. As demanding as he is, he's just as fun! He's doing well in school. The kindergarten here is thinking about going to a full day kindergarten starting the new year. It will be good for Jakob because I was considering homeschooling him because I can't drag the little ones out and down the snowy stairs every day to pick him up from school (No there is not another classmate who's parent can drive him.) Anyway, I think a full day will be good for Jakob. I miss him at times, but the only thing he's missing here is our nap time. So I think it's a fine thing.

CALEB: Ahhh, I Love this boy too!!;) Our "Mr. Ed" (that's what I call him!) has his tonsillectomy surgery on Thursday. We head out for the three hour drive to Flagstaff tomorrow. The little outing will be nice for Leif and I. But we are not looking forward to Caleb's pain!!

JJ: Ahhh, my little nap time buddy. How I love him too! He brings a peace to anyone who holds him or looks into his eyes. My friend was commenting about this fact this afternoon. This is one of the reasons that JJ naps with me in the afternoons. He calms my spirit. I also like to give him special time because I'm not able to carry him around with me throughout the day. So he sees me from afar from his swing as I go about my duties. But oh what a trooper he is! A true blessing!!

So, that's our update. We're doing well! And the Jazz won! Yippee!;)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Karate Kid (2010)

Pappa updating!

We are sitting watching Karate Kid with the boys. This will be short because I want to watch too! :) But Lena and I watched it already and found we really liked it. We are hoping Jakob learns a couple good lessons from it.

1. Listen to your parents!
2. Listen to your superiors
3. Self Control
4. Focus!!
5. Watching movies with dad and mom is fun!

Talk to you later!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Teething at 3 Months!?

I have nieces and nephews that had teeth by the time they were 3 or 4 months. But I NEVER imagined that one of my kids would follow the trend! JJ is teething and we can see the little teeth trying to pop out (two bottom front.) Caleb didn't have a single tooth until after his first birthday. Jakob was around ten months. Seriously, THREE MONTHS!? Goodness, JJ!! Let's hope the teeth are healthy!!! And let's hope they come soon so he can feel better!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Can't Find My Phone! Exercising At The Church?

Well, we have a case of "The Missing Cell Phone." Bummer deal! I've looked everywhere and cleaned my house. Natta! So, if you need to get in touch with me, email or drop by.

Ladies, I bombed and didn't get to the church for exercise. I used the excuse that I couldn't call any of you to confirm that I'd have exercise buddies. SORRY!!! Email me if you're planning on exercising with me and which days you'll be there. 10:00 AM! Let me know and Spread the word!
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