Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're Home and Recovering

Wasn't that a sweet surprise by my hubby!? If he posts on the blog it's usually because I'm tired or busy and I ask him to write a quick update. This last post from him was all from him. He knew that it would brighten my day!;) Gotta love the man! Thank you Love for updating so I don't have to give the full run-down on Caleb's surgery. Especially because I am SOOO tired tonight.

So with that said, I'll now take a minute and thank all of YOU who sent well wishes and love our way! We have felt your prayers. Caleb is doing much better then I had expected and braced myself for. Really, this just feels like Caleb's fever week. He's not very cheerful or obedient and he's self-centered. I expected him to be in severe pain and to have a lot of stress. As long as we can keep up with the IB Profin and Tylenol the pain is under control. The only occasional thing that's not like his fevers is that he chokes easier. I hope things continue to go smoothly.

The most stressful moments were the trip back home from Flagstaff. Caleb had refused his meds all day and was spitting everything out (I got a lovely face full of bright red Tylenol, NICE!) I was afraid we would have to take him back to the hospital in Kanab if we didn't get him to take it. So, I PRAYED!

Gradually the answers came. First, the thought came to buy tablet forms of the meds we needed. But he was refusing even them. Then when we got home and settled in, the most important answer came. Caleb is stubborn. He likes to think that things are his idea, and his way. So, the thought came to me to take the medicine bottle and shake it loud enough for Caleb to hear (when he's well he comes running to the sounds of vitamins or medicine because he thinks of them as a treat.) So I rattled the bottle and set it on the table and walked away. Sure enough, within a minute Caleb had come into the kitchen and brought me the bottle of IB Profin. THANK YOU Father!! I pray that he continues to take them.

So, that's the update. We're just taking it easy and hoping that things continue to go smoothly. Thanks again everyone for your well-wishes! God Bless!
From Caleb's Tonsillectomy

From Caleb's Tonsillectomy

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Heather said...

Thanks for the update. I especially liked the picture of J.J. and Caleb. J.J. is as big as his big brother. Crazy!

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