Thursday, January 14, 2021

Papa Means PARTY!

Now that Leif's back to Travel Nurse (management) any time he's home means it's Party Time!  We survived and enjoyed Leif's first full work week and visit home. The day after he left to San Leandro I woke up with an excruciating headache (typical monthly Behcet's flare/hormone triggered.) But this time the blood vessels in my eye decided to burst. It was painless, but it looked very scary. Especially to the boys. I knew that it wasn't an emergency, but I definitely needed to take it easy that day. It was a very emotional day. I cried a few silent tears knowing that Leif wasn't going to be able to swoop in and Rescue everyone. I missed him Terribly! I also cried to Leif over the phone wondering if we had made a big mistake, thinking maybe we should move the kids and I to Kanab/Fredonia so they could be in school full days and socialize. Leif was very Loving and understanding. But he reminded me that we've been in this moment before and we've learned not to jump the gun. But to be calm and wait it out a bit before making big decisions. Just that we could talk like that with wisdom shows how much we've grown up over the years. 

Gratefully, we were right and things did get easier and better. Audrey, our new nanny, started coming. She is a God Send!!!!  Having her help and company will make this journey So Much easier!!

My Birthday came around too. I'm now 42 years old. I feel older this year. I'm SO grateful for the baby who keeps me thinking young. But my body is trying really hard to be Old. My Birthday present came in the form of two tiny newborn chihuahua bottle babies. My sweet friend, Bette, drove all the way out to Beverly Hills to pick them up and bring them home to me.💗 I Hate driving, so this gift was invaluable. 

Leif came home and we ate up the rest of the holiday sweets, did some more deep cleaning, and played a lot of JackBox and Oculus. Leif and I even got out for a walk on the pier together. What a Blessing!!!

He's back to work again for a few days and we're doing well. Although, our nanny's family has covid. So that may present some Very unfortunate issues soon. ... I'll keep you posted.
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