Friday, November 30, 2012

So Much!!

So much is happening and has happened. I'm sure I'll forget something as I try to write about it. But here it goes.

We've decided to go to Missouri for Christmas. My family is coming together for a visit and we are really looking forward to our trip. We just got several packages from Amazon filled with organizing aids and entertainment tools. I'm sure they will all come in very handy for the trip.

We were planning Thanksgiving with our little family in Flagstaff this year. Instead, we were shocked to learn of the death of a family member, Lucy, and we gathered with family instead. Leif drove home the evening of Lucy's accident and we drove up to Alton in the morning to be with Leif's brother and wife and her family. The ext day was Thanksgiving. As we were trying to prepare a "normal" Thanksgiving dinner we all got word that Leif's cousin, Jan, was not going to survive the night. She came down with Pneumonia as a result of AML Leukemia. She passed away Thanksgiving night. We tried to cherish the joy of family over those few days. But the reality of life and death was heavy. We woke up the day after Thanksgiving with a short term flu. The next day was Lucy's funeral. We were so sick (along with several of the funeral party) that we didn't make it to her funeral. We were disappointed. We called Colt Hendersen over as our Home Teacher and asked him for a blessing for Leif and I and Jakob. The spirit was strong and Jakob especially really felt strengthened by the Priesthood power.  That night Colt brought back a beautiful short Christmas Tree for us. They had gone out to cut down their trees and brought us back the Perfect tree. I was Thrilled!! That night we felt well enough to decorate the tree. The tree was small enough that Leif and the boys were able to put the lights on together. Life just felt better after we got the tree up and the Christmas music going. We were grateful for the gift and light of the Christmas season starter.

Some how in between all of this Leif finished up a 20 page paper and I was able to help proof read it. I am so grateful for Leif's intelligence and dedication even when things get crazy busy. Now Leif's on his way back to Flagstaff in order to take several final exams for the term. WOW!

Tuesday Leif and I met with a Special Education specialist for Caleb (technically.) But she was able to observe all of the boys while we met with her at the Head Start for several hours. This was a life changing meeting amidst the chaos of our every day life. She officially ""diagnosed" all three boys with a condition called Sensory Processing Disorder. This visit was great. But I will try to give the details its own post. While I finished the visit at Head Start, Leif took Jakob to the doctor. He has had a series of what we first thought were panic attacks. Then we realized that cat and dog allergens were triggers. He was officially diagnosed with Reactionary Pulmonary Disease. The symptoms are similar to asthma, but it's not asthma. He basically is severely allergic to cats and possibly dogs and possibly dust. Another life changing appointment in one day. That afternoon we loaded up and Leif anf I took Caleb and JJ up north with us to go to Jan's funeral. We left Jakob with the Hendersen's.

Our quick trip up north was as good as it could be with a very sad funeral in between. Jan was an amazing person, so even the funeral was uplifting. But our hearts are still sad for all of the family and children left behind. The same goes for Lucy and her family. While in Salt Lake we were able to visit with my brother Jared and his little family. I was so thrilled to finally see my new little niece. She is beautiful! We were able to visit more with Leif's family and also go for a little outing out to the new City Creek (mall?) in SLC. It was amazing!! And as we left town we were able to meet up with Jared and Heidi and girls again for a yummy Cafe Rio lunch.

Now that we're home. I am EXHAUSTED! I haven't gotten dressed and it's dinner time. Hmmm? Guess I'll just go back to bed soon. MMy sweet husband set up our new Black Friday purchase. We got a TV for my room and a Blu Ray machine that hooks to the internet and a set of cordless headphones. This makes it possible for me to watch movies silently in my bed. HOW AWESOME is This!!?? I am really looking forward to my time alone tonight. Although, having Leif with me would make it closer to perfect!

So that's the quick update on our little family. And I'll just have to write later whatever I've forgotten. Pictures ARE coming SOON!!

Forgotten Add Ins:
We need to consider finding a small motor home to rent or purchase for our trip(s) to Missouri and other places. JJ had a VERY difficult night while we shared living space with others this last trip. It reminded us of how VERY hard it can be to have him flipping out and worrying about the other people in the house....
We are working on trying to get me more medical help. Hoping to get official allergy diagnosis soon. We are pondering the possibility of getting an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. It is hard not to feel well no matter what... But maybe we'll find something...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Past the HALF WAY Mark!!

I haven't blogged for a Long time! Life is just moving along quickly and truthfully, my strength is often gone before I can sit down to blog. But I will take a minute to update a little.

My last post was about the presidential election. I went to Flagstaff to be with Leif during the election night and for a couple of appointments after that. The results of the election were a hard blow. I woke up in the morning hoping that maybe some how they had changed. Nope. Instead the "changes" had already started. But I won't keep going on that subject. Lets just say I feel that the American people have made their choice and the consequences. I just wish I felt better about the choice that was made.

But on to happier things!! Leif's is just over half way through with his nursing program!! the end is in sight and I can tell that it will be over before we know it. It's still not easy to live like we do. But we're learning and growing. Thankfully.

We've traveled back and forth to and from Flagstaff A Lot since Leif moved in to his new place. We get to spend Thanksgiving there. I think it will be really nice. Then Leif will be home for over a month for Christmas break. WOW! That will be AWESOME! We're actually going to spend Christmas in Missouri. We're looking forward to the trip and the visit with my family.

We have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. So Much! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Day 2012: Virtue or Vice?

Tuesday November 6, 2012. Election Day. The results of this presidential election won't just be a distant decision happening within a place hundreds of miles away. We will feel the results of this election. All of us will feel them! Whether we believe it or even understand this fact or not, it doesn't matter. This country will never be the same.

Literally half of our country's people hope for a future led by the man who has led for the last four years like no man before him. The other half prays for the man whom they believe will lead America back to it's founding roots and Father's wisdom. Both believe in an America: The Old and The New.

The argument has been made that America is meant to change and evolve as the times and people change. As we gain perspective and diversity. Understanding. Wisdom. However, it has also been said that any virtue taken to the extreme, can become a vice.

I am not a scholar. I am a high school graduate with some college education. I have traveled the country as a professional nanny. I have served as a Christian missionary among my country's people and their military members. I am a wife. I am a student. I am a student's wife. I am a mother. And I am an American.

I know what it feels like to be trapped by unemployment. I also know what it feels like to fight to be free of this trap. I know what it feels like to feed my children thoughtlessly because of government assistance only to have it suddenly taken away because my income level exceeded the maximum. I also know how it feels to feed my children a home cooked meal that I planned and paid for out of my own personal earnings. I know what it feels like to get an astoundingly large medical bill in the mail and to know that the government has paid it in full. I also know what it feels like to be diagnosed with a serious illness days before the reapplication date for said government insurance only to be denied because I earn too much money.

I know what it feels like to be disqualified for progressing. I choose to progress anyway!  I choose to plan ahead for hard times and fight to be free of the rose colored glasses of government assistance.
I will forever be grateful for their offered assistance. But I will forever fight against being forced to accept their offer.

Government as a framework for a country can be considered a virtue. Government as the foundation of a country will become its vice. May God bless us all as we choose the future of this great nation.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Flu Season! Ugg!

I made an impulse decision and took my kids out to visit Leif this weekend. Overall, we had a wonderful time! Some how being together just makes everything else not as hard. With that said, I'll tell you the "hard" things. For the Record and to remind me that I can do hard things!

Ten minutes out of Flagstaff on our way to visit Leif JJ was digging at his throat. I knew he had a cold but he had taken a turn for the worst as we drove. I found the nearest Urgent Care and after dropping the other two munchkins off with Leif I took JJ in to make sure he didn't need antibiotics. Nope, just a virus. Lovely! We were able to go a full day with just signs of pain in his mouth, until he threw up last night. Mercifully, Leif had a leftover anti-nausea pill from his EMT days. We were able to get it down JJ and in to his system. He didn't throw up again until tonight.

We got packed up this afternoon and in the van to head toward Fredonia when Caleb complained of a "car sick headache." We humored him by giving him an IB Profin in case it was a real headache. I got two blocks down the road when I saw from my rear view mirror that Caleb was white as a ghost and indeed very sick. I pulled over and gave him the other half of the Zofran. Unfortunately he was too sick. I was less then five minutes out of town when he threw up. Poor guy threw up three times in the three hours we were on the road.

I am blessed to have in-laws who take very good care of us. They were at my house when I drove up taking out my garbage and washing my dishes. Two things that were sending me over the top with anxiety when I thought about having a house full of sick kids alone this week. I am truly blessed! Because of their help I will be able to make it through the next few days. I was also able to clear the floor and vacuum tonight. something else that was weighing on me.

Anyway, flu season has hit our little world. I'm not sure what this week will hold because of it. I was supposed to go to a meeting in Flagstaff and leave the kids with Grandma for the week and then drive with my boys up north for the weekend to see my newborn niece and visit with family. But I guess I'll just be taking one day at a time for a little while. One Day at a Time!
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