Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Past the HALF WAY Mark!!

I haven't blogged for a Long time! Life is just moving along quickly and truthfully, my strength is often gone before I can sit down to blog. But I will take a minute to update a little.

My last post was about the presidential election. I went to Flagstaff to be with Leif during the election night and for a couple of appointments after that. The results of the election were a hard blow. I woke up in the morning hoping that maybe some how they had changed. Nope. Instead the "changes" had already started. But I won't keep going on that subject. Lets just say I feel that the American people have made their choice and the consequences. I just wish I felt better about the choice that was made.

But on to happier things!! Leif's is just over half way through with his nursing program!! the end is in sight and I can tell that it will be over before we know it. It's still not easy to live like we do. But we're learning and growing. Thankfully.

We've traveled back and forth to and from Flagstaff A Lot since Leif moved in to his new place. We get to spend Thanksgiving there. I think it will be really nice. Then Leif will be home for over a month for Christmas break. WOW! That will be AWESOME! We're actually going to spend Christmas in Missouri. We're looking forward to the trip and the visit with my family.

We have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season. So Much! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Sandra said...

Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! We have decided to go to Missouri after all. We didn't think we would because Kevin just started with the company but they don't want their employees to come to work the week after Christmas. Not sure if it's to clean or what but we jumped on it and decided to go. The hard part will be getting Christmas for six kids there. Pretty sure we will be doing a lot of online shopping and having it mailed to mom and dad ha ha. It will be great to see you, I think it's been four or five years has't it?

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