Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Good Things Have Come! - Help for ADD

We have truly witnessed life changing "Good Things" this past week. If you read my previous blog post titled "Just Keep Walking - There are Good Things to Come" then you will know what I mean when I say, "Good Things."

The discovery that was made this past week was a long walk in coming. We finally found a doctor who would LISTEN to us as parents and also to our boys' teachers AND observe the boys, Before slapping a diagnosis on the boys that would label them wrong forever. The final diagnosis is Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder more on the Aspergers Syndrome side of The Spectrum.

This diagnosis was not really a surprise to us at this point. We have been trying to cope and endure for years. However, we had become increasingly vigilant in finding medical help for Caleb because it was starting to take away from his "best self."

 So without further explanation I will sing praise for the latest "Good Thing" that has come in to our lives!!!  The boys started medication for their ADD this last week. After one day of obvious side effects, we cut their doses in half and our lives changed forever....

I have found myself just watching and listening to Caleb in awe this week. He has never been able to speak his thoughts and feelings so fluidly. Until this week I had NEVER EVER been able to hear about his day at school from his own mouth. Never been able to hear about what he did and didn't like from the lunch menu. We have never had so many still and calm snuggle moments with Caleb. Leif put it perfectly when he said, "He's Back."  It still brings us to tears sometimes.

Jakob's changes are less dramatic but still life changing. He is able to handle the stress and noise from his brothers better. He says that he it helps him at school. He just seems more at peace. Able to focus on one thing at a time and enjoy life more. It's truly amazing!

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