Saturday, April 15, 2023

Let It Be Known: Artificial Intelligence

Let it be known that my prediction of the devastating potential of Artificial Intelligence is, that it will be the slow death of the human mind's original creativity. 

Friday, April 07, 2023

The Miracle - So Much Better

Tonight I read the last several blog posts I wrote. I realized that I haven't written about The Miracle!  Isn't that how it is though, experience the miracle that sets you free, and never look back to say Thank You? Well, actually, I have Definitely looked back Many Many times to thank Father in Heaven for this miracle!
In February 2022 I reached out to the medical world and asked for a prescription of Lamictal. I had come to the very last strand of my rope. And I knew that if something didn't change, I wouldn't be able to do all that was absolutely Required of me in the upcoming years. 
So, I went back to researching my symptoms at that time. And I found Lamictal. It was an absolute MIRACLE that my primary physician was willing to prescribe it for me even though protocol says a psychiatrist needs to prescribe it. 
Anyway, eventually I was signed up with a great psychiatrist (another miracle!) Within a month of taking the medication I knew that we were on the edge of something Amazing. At the same timeframe I had started back on phentermine for weightloss and was starting to follow a pattern of intermittent fasting. In the meantime, I had an IUD placed that stopped the profuse monthly bleeding. 
By the time Summer came I was feeling better then I have felt in Year's! It was absolutely Incredible!!!  Not perfect, but so much more able to function normally. When fall hit we upped the medication to ward of any potential seasonal depression and lethargy. And that never came. Thanksgiving came and I was able to clean the whole house, plan and prepare a feast, and follow through with Fantastic results. My internal celebration was on constant repeat. I couldn't remember feeling so alive and clear minded. Winter set in and Christmas season started and it only got better. I was even able to wake up before the kids and READ scriptures. I hadn't read like that for a decade, at least. 
There really are no words to explain how beautiful it feels to "feel" alive. Not just "be" alive. By February I had lost a little over 20 pounds. Life was incredibly stressful as usual. But I have continued to feel well. Things kindof balanced out over this last month. The initial euphoria is over. And the weather has wreaked havic on my ability to push through and stay well. It has rained consistently since New Year's Eve. ... It's April. So, it isn't surprising that my body is fighting to go in to hibernation mode. 
But even now, I still feel better and function better then I have in years! And that, is THE MIRACLE!!! 

An Interview With Twix a.k.a. Twixie Girl

Twix is our foster English Bulldog puppy. We are fostering her for Lily's Pad Rescue. Twix has Spina Bifida. This is a neurological condition that affects her hind end. Her back legs are weak and wobbly. And she is incontinent. Which means that her body has no control over her bowels or her bladder. Twix wears diapers 24/7. 

Benifits Of Diaper Dogs
As a Foster Mama, I prefer diaper puppies because I don't have to stress about accidents and house training. And I don't have to plan ahead for potty breaks. I do have to make time for diaper changes. But I can make that schedule work for me. 
Here is an "Interview" with Twix. Enjoy! If you're interested in adopting Twix, contact


1. What is your name? Twix, Twixie, Twixie Girl.

2. How old are you? Almost 1 Year old.

3. How much do you weigh? I weigh 30 pounds. I probably need to lose a few pounds, and definitely not gain any.

4. How is your health? Good! 

5. How’s your mobility? I am mobile. But I walk on the wrong part of my feet. And my hips are weak. So I'm a little wobbly and unsteady. I can run fast and walk like a big girl. But I'm not brave or steady enough to go up or down a flight of stairs. I can walk up one or two steps. But I have to be carried up or down more than that. I am currently in Physical Therapy. And that is helping me a lot.

6. What do you look like? I'm black, brown, and caramel. Just like a Twix candy bar.🍫

7. What do you like to eat? ANYTHING! You can get me to do almost anything if you have a treat for me. I eat so fast I don't even taste it. And Mama says I'm strange, but I Really like the smell and taste of feet.

8. What kind of personality do you have? I am often told that I'm adorable. And Mama says she agrees. I am willing to learn all about good manners. I absolutely Love any human that walks in the door. Big humans and tiny humans. My best human friend right now is little. He says he's 5. And I play hard with him. But I know not to bite him like I play with my fur friends. I know how to hold still during diaper changes too. I even know how to sit for a treat! I am a sweet and happy girl!

9. Describe your perfect day: Mama calls me her Sunshine Girl. I LOVE to sit and bask in the sun. On the porch, on the grass, in the dirt, or in front of a window. My perfect day would be to relax and play in the sun. Although, I am perfectly happy playing inside too.

10. What is your favorite toy? I love squeaky balls. And nylon bones. When I first got to Mama's, I wasn't quite sure what was a toy or a "NO" But now I understand and enjoy chewing on bones and dog toys.

11. Do you know any tricks? I'm working on Fetch. I just need to figure out how to "Bring It Back". Whatever that means!?

12. Is there anything that scares you? Not really.

13. Have you been around children? Yes! And I Love them!

14. Do you like cats? I haven’t been around cats yet. I would probably want to play with them. But not hurt them.

15. How do you feel about other dogs? I Love other dogs. I think I would be lonely if I didn't have other dogs to wrestle and play chase with.

16. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be? With a loving family. At home, or on the road. I love to be out and about. 

17. Who do you live with in your foster home (kids, dogs, etc) and who is your closest companion? I live with Mama and Papa and their four boys. I also live with two other English Bulldogs. And Papa has chickens that I'm learning are "His". I love my fur brother and sister. But I also adore my 5 yr old boy.

18. Where do you hang out when you are home alone? I am crate trained and am ok hanging out in my crate. Especially, if I have a nice bone to chew on.

19. Where do you sleep? I sleep in my crate. When Mama puts a blanket over my crate, I know that means that it's bedtime. I Love naps with my famiky too, of course!

20. Do you like walking on a leash? I will if I have too. But it's still confusing for me. I'm much happier in my stroller.

21. Do you have any "not-so-great" habits that we should know about? Well, sometimes if I get left alone in a messy room, I get confused about what is a food, a toy, or a "NO"! So sometimes I'll chew on a box or swallow an earplug. And sometimes I think I'm supposed to eat my poop if I see it. But overall, I'm a well mannered girl.

22. What’s your potty situation? I am incontinent. Which means that I wear diapers all of the time. I am very good during diaper changes.

23. Do you like water? I'm curious about water. And I don't mind my baths.

24. What do you love about your foster family? I love that I have a lot of company so I don't feel bored or lonely. I love that my family understands my special needs and is able to take care of me and take me to any vet or physical therapy appointments that I have. 

25. What was your life like before being brought into Lily's Pad Rescue? I was rescued by ChunkzNTubz Rescue in SoCal when I was about 8 months. When I was rescued I had/have scars around my lady parts because no one cared for my potty needs and the urine burned my skin. When Lily's Pad took over my care because of my special needs I was about 10 months old. Mama is my Foster Mom. When I came to Mama I couldn't walk very well at all. I slid around on my side. And pulled myself with my front legs. But I have worked Really Hard and now I'm able to walk on all four legs most of the time. Mama says that I look like a little grizzly bear cub from behind. I'm really cute!


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