Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What did he say????

Just sharing a funny wi"th all of you. Our little two year old is still learning how to speak. He says a few things well, but still doesn't communicate very well. One of his favorite lines is "see it" We would ask "do you see it" and he responds "see it." When he wants to show us something he uses "see it?" What is funny is how he says it.

Instead of "see it" it sounds more like "shee it."

So we can be sitting together and he is looking at a book and all of the sudden we hear "sheit" and we try to repress are laughs and we respond, "yes we SEE IT"...

Post by Papa.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So Glad It's Over!

YES! We are absolutely Thrilled with how the outcome of the drama ended! Leif was listening to the scanner throughout the night after a call from his parents around midnight. We knew they were close, but it wasn't until the phone call from the school at 6 that we knew they had found him. It feels good to have the town alive again. You really can feel a difference.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Between Happenings

The events happening in our community tend to be ever-present throughout our day. We try not to keep it that way. But there are little reminders sprinkled here and there. Like the helicopter flying extremely low outside our house about 3 blocks away. Or the hundreds of law enforcement officers and their vehicles in the center of town. The occasional communication that comes over the scanner whether it be static or tidbits from the police. And finally, our evening drives. You know that you've turned into a small town hick when you load the kids in the car, throw in a couple bags of cookies and chips, a set of binoculars, a scanner, and take a drive. We've gone out each evening and wound through the town and Kanab and speculate what might be happening, what this and that might be. Last night we watched a helicopter fly low and peek into caves and cliffs. A lot of excitement for us little town folk;) We got the call from the school this afternoon. They are going to hold school tomorrow. According to the law enforcement they feel it is safe. However, they let us know that if we kept our kids home they wouldn't count their absence against them. I'm still trying to decide what we're going to do.

So in between all of this, a lot has been happening. I'm proud of myself for getting on the computer and writing. My energy level has been very low. And my thoughts are extremely foggy! I'll have a great line to write, and before I write it... uhh, what was I going to say? Oh yeah, it's gone! Shoot!;)

So, back to what's going on in between. Last week was the beginning of a lot of things.

- Jakob started kindergarten
-Leif started back to work
-Leif started a new semester
-Leif's dad was re-elected as Justice of the Peace
-Jakob had his 6th birthday
-My parents came into St. George for the week and for JJ's blessing
-JJ was blessed

That is a lot of things that I haven't blogged about. I have pictures for most of them. I'll get them posted soon.

I can tell that we've started back to school. We all have a cold. Including JJ. I really hope we all get feeling better soon. I have stopped taking the pain killers that the Dr. gave me. I still have to take IB Profin. The pain throughout my body is gradually getting better. We had a storm come through and that was a bad day. But I am grateful that there is hope in sight for an end to the pain. Now I need to get my brain back. In time, I guess. I will write more on my Healthy Mama's Notebook blog about what is happening after my c-section and how I'm trying to overcome it.

Caleb is growing up. I haven't written much about him for a while. He is so precious. He LOVES to laugh and make people laugh. He is a full-on tease. He is fearless. We have to watch him VERY closely when we're out of the house. He wanders and has very little sense of danger. I have had him delivered to my door once when he was found out in the road. It was a horrible moment. Caleb loves his brothers. He copies Jakob's every word and action. He loves JJ. Caleb also Loves animals. He loves being outside! Oh how I Love my caleb.

Jakob is a wonderful big brother. He is especially helpful when we're in the car and JJ is crying. He loves it when we call him our "Baby Charmer." So far Jakob loves school. His favorite part is all of the kids of course. I'm pleased with his class so far. I was feeling okay about school until this weekends events. It makes me want to set up a homeschooling group. But there aren't enough people that have kids Jakob's age who want to join me. And there are NO boys Jakob's age that want to home school. Jakob needs to play with other little boys. So, school it is I guess.

My JJ, he is my snuggle bug. It is so nice to be able to snuggle him while I nap and rest. He is precious. He has struggled recently with gas after I feed him. I'm hoping that will end soon. If he feels well he'll sleep in his bed, waking every two hours to eat. If not, I bring him into our bed. I have little strength to get up and down more then every two hours. It's too dangerous (I fear I'll drop him.) So I've broken my own rules and brought him to bed. Leif helps me throughout the nights too. But I try to let him sleep since he works and has so much schooling too. But I would be a mess without Leif and the amazing father that he is.

Leif, he is my best friend! We just finished reading the fourth book of Fable Haven yesterday. It is so nice to read together and have something like that to share with each other during the little bit of down time in our life. Leif is working at the elementary school again this year. He helps with their food program as well as their in school suspension kids. He enjoys being with the kids, and they all love him! Well, maybe not the kids who are in suspension.:) Leif's school schedule is heavy this semester. Especially his statistics class that starts tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to that. But he is smart, and has been successful up to this point.

Well, that's what's happening in between what's happening!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hubby here...

Lena wanted me to spell her tonight and write a little of whats going on...

Well you can read the news and get the general idea of what is going on with this man hunt, so good night...

Just kidding.

This is the biggest excitement this town has had in years. Not fun excitement, but excitement. I figured with all the cops in town there is 1 cop per 4 people in Fredonia. Though the whole situation is crazy and a little bit nerve racking, we feel pretty safe here in town. Yes we are being careful, we lock doors and turn on outside lights, but we are not scared. Also, it helps being less then a block from the IC, the command center with very heavily armed men are sitting around chatting and walking around and coming and going constantly.

I would like to put a note out about the schools decision to stay open on Thursday. I was the lead secretary at the elementary/middle school when this happened. First off, the school administrator was not notified of the incident of wed. until the buses with students started arriving Thursday morning. From that point on we were in constant contact with the police and following their recommendations. We also were on partial lock down, meaning all doors were locked and other special arrangements had been taken. We also had a cop on campus most the day. We did release the students early so that all could leave at the same time and the buses would just make one trip. Never once were we nervous for ourselves at the school but for the cops that were hunting him at the time. If we would have been notified that it was ever a little dangerous for the students we would have done things differently. So I hope you give our school a break.

Tonight we went for a drive around town. It was interesting to see the heavily armed Humvees all the many cop cars and unmarked cop cars. We sat and watched the police helicopter scanning the area. Kids thought that was awesome, Lena was wondering if someone would pull up to us because we were watching the action. "yea, we were just chatting with the FBI..."

Anyway, Its bed time, the little one thinks it about time to be awake for an hour or so, but we will try to persuade him otherwise...good night!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Ominous Storm

Ominous. That is how it felt as Leif and I drove to the grocery store this evening. There was a storm brewing outside. The clouds were rolling in, lightening strikes flashing and thunder in the distance. It was the perfect setting for what is happening throughout our small community. The feeling in the air clearly depicts our emotions as well. My friend had a Pampered Chef's party planned for this evening. She canceled it. It just doesn't feel right to be away from family and having a good time when our friends, and for some, their family members are out there tonight putting their life on the line to keep us safe. We're all feeling the brewing storm and praying that it will end soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drama In Our Quiet Hills

Well, those of you that live in Utah may have heard about a manhunt happening in a town over the border of Utah and Arizona. That's our town. It's all happening quite close to home.

I'm so tired right now. So I won't give a full run down. But Leif was in contact with police all day today because he was the school office secretary today. And then after the officer was killed we went to our friend's house and listened to police scanners (our friend is a fireman.) we listed all evening. Honestly, I really think that we may have been blessed, and spared a horrible hell today. I think that the gunman had intended on hiding in the school and using his weapon the next day. I believe the run-in with the janitor foiled his plan. Truly, we all mourn the loss of the good man who has been killed and pray no one else is killed before it's over. But I will be down on my knees tonight thanking the Lord that it wasn't worse!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JJ Lee's Newborn Photo Shoot + Brothers and Family

These were taken when JJ was two weeks old. So Awesome!! Thanks Michelle!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small Town Fun-Run

Jakob enjoys running. He has SO MUCH energy! I heard about our Small Town Fun Run and I knew Jakob would enjoy participating.

Jakob is Very lucky to have a dad who is willing to run along side him in the race. They ran the 5K. I thought for sure with it being 3 miles Jakob would insist on walking some of it. He proved me completely wrong. Apparently he and Leif ran the whole way, no walking. Jakob was the first to cross the finish line in his age group (8 years old and younger.) I was VERY proud of he and Leif. They made it in 37 minutes and 6 seconds. Awesome!

I waited at the finish line and had a good time cheering everyone on as they crossed the line. Grandma Baron walked with Caleb along the running route and watched the runners come along the way. I was so grateful for her help!!

It was a great experience! We look forward to next year. We went out to dinner today and used the gift certificate that they won. Fun Indeed!

From Small Town Fun Run

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On a More Positive Note

Sorry about that last post. Guess I needed to vent. But I have more pain meds today and I can see things more clearly.

Thank you sweet ladies for your Love and Encouragement! I have many things to be grateful for and I haven't been abandoned! In fact, yesterday Leif's mom had the kids off and on all day. Leif is constantly doing one thing or another to help me. If he does anything for himself it's just taking a minute to take care of the chickens or check his email. Other then that he's constantly at my beck n' call. I know I couldn't be more spoiled.

I even got new glasses yesterday!! I now have two pair of glasses. Not necessary, but very appreciated! I wanted a more light weight, blend-in, style of glasses. I have had the stand out style for 4 years and I wanted a change. Fun huh!?

So I've been craving chocolate chip coconut cookies. But I haven't the energy to make them, let alone wash the dishes after them. But I found the EASIEST recipe. And it had exactly what I wanted in them. You ready?

1 cake mix
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup nuts
1 cup coconut

Scoop on pan, bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes. Mix-In's can be anything.

So, today we had pictures taken. Originally it was a sitting for JJ's Newborn Photos. But we got the boys in there as well as Leif and I and a family photo. I am SO THRILLED! I can't wait to see them!!!

We also went out for a yummy lunch afterwards, took a great nap, AND walked to the library to register Leif and Jakob for the local Fun Run this weekend. Very Exciting!

And it was all made possible by Lortab! Bless You!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mama's Update

I have a moment where I can try to sleep again, or blog. I guess I'll blog. I don't feel like falling asleep just in time for the crew to come in the house and unintentionally wake me up. I decided to help JJ find a better appreciation for his swing today. He let me shower. Now he's making sounds like a built in count down clock, 10, 9, 8, okay... Moving on.

So, what to write about? Um, you know how in the last post things sounded a bit blissful? Well, lets just say that everyone has moved on from the mama isn't feeling well stage... except me. I think I better get back on the "Life is Good" band wagon. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE snuggling with my baby all day long. In fact, that's pretty much ALL I feel up to doing... I knew this part of having a C-section would be the hardest part. (BTW: Don't read this if complaining upsets you, because I don't feel like refraining, sorry.) I've run out of my pain meds last night, and now I feel like I've been hit by a truck ALL the time, instead of the half hour until the next pill kicks in. I'm not just talking about my incision either, my WHOLE body hurts. The other day I had a fever of 102 degrees. Yes, I am taking antibiotics. But the pain was around before the fever.

So anyway, I'm very tired, and very sore! And I'm trying not to get depressed about the fact that Leif goes back to work and a horribly intense schedule for school soon. Trying is the key word. ... Well, there it is. My update. And JJ's hit lift off.

No Worries, Life is still Good!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

All is Well!

Thank you Thank you all of you who have sent me encouragement and love! I thought I'd better update a bit. I would like to write JJ's birth story. But my mind is still fogged due to pain meds. They work great, so I feel good. But I do hope to find a chance to write more tomorrow.

Anyway, we're doing Great!! I haven't slept this much in years. It's great, until I want to do something but I'm too tired. Oh well, I'll enjoy the excuse to sleep. JJ is doing great. Sleeping like a baby. Gee, there's a lot of sleeping around here.

Leif and the boys are doing well. They all love the baby. No problems. Just lots of loving! Leif doesn't have school or work until the 18th. So we're thrilled about that. We're reading Fablehaven together. It's been so nice having something good to read together. And even better to have the time together. LOVE IT!

So, life is GREAT!
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