Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What did he say????

Just sharing a funny wi"th all of you. Our little two year old is still learning how to speak. He says a few things well, but still doesn't communicate very well. One of his favorite lines is "see it" We would ask "do you see it" and he responds "see it." When he wants to show us something he uses "see it?" What is funny is how he says it.

Instead of "see it" it sounds more like "shee it."

So we can be sitting together and he is looking at a book and all of the sudden we hear "sheit" and we try to repress are laughs and we respond, "yes we SEE IT"...

Post by Papa.


Heather said...

This made me laugh!
He is so cute.
Love you

Mandy Riddle said...

Maybe he shouldn't come to our house for a while!!!! LOL!

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