Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drama In Our Quiet Hills

Well, those of you that live in Utah may have heard about a manhunt happening in a town over the border of Utah and Arizona. That's our town. It's all happening quite close to home.

I'm so tired right now. So I won't give a full run down. But Leif was in contact with police all day today because he was the school office secretary today. And then after the officer was killed we went to our friend's house and listened to police scanners (our friend is a fireman.) we listed all evening. Honestly, I really think that we may have been blessed, and spared a horrible hell today. I think that the gunman had intended on hiding in the school and using his weapon the next day. I believe the run-in with the janitor foiled his plan. Truly, we all mourn the loss of the good man who has been killed and pray no one else is killed before it's over. But I will be down on my knees tonight thanking the Lord that it wasn't worse!


Amy and Kris said...

Wow, how SCARY!!! So happy you guys are all okay!

Sandra said...

wow, we don't listen to the news much so we didn't hear about it. That is scary.

Dawson Family said...

Sounds very scary. I am glad you are all ok and hope it is over soon.

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