Saturday, June 13, 2009

HELP US!! YW Girls Camp Question! -Pranks-

Hey ladies, I NEED your thoughts ASAP!!! Please send this out to anyone you know that might have a few good thoughts!

We have a very small ward (about a dozen girls or less.) and it is vital that we get our group unified. We have camp next week and it has come to our attention that some of the girls have created a club and they are hoping to carry out a serious amount of pranks. I would love to believe that these are all cutsie pranks. We're not thinking this is the case.

We have decided to eliminate pranks altogether and encourage acts of service. But I am wondering how you have overcome this obstacle?

Please let me know. I will be teaching a lesson about unity and knitting our hearts together as one, tomorrow. But I would love your insight!!!


Molly said...

Well, for the pranks, let the girls know that under no circumstances will they be tolerated. Get the Bishopric, the Stake Camp directors and the Stake YW presidency behind you. Let the girls know that if any pranks occur, their parents will be called and asked to come right away to pick up their daughters for inappropriate behavior at camp. While they are waiting for their parents, they will be doing chores under the close supervision of _____ (whoever you name).

I’ve found that camp is really the best place to break down barriers. There will be some times that you can’t help who the girls hang out with, but when it comes time to assign cooking, cleaning, and going off to various activities, you can have more say in who they will be working with. Assign different girls who don’t hang out together much to work together on the cooking.

I don’t know what the camp schedule will be like, but, if you can have a ward night with just your girls to sing together and have a testimony meeting, girls get to know each other a bit more and can’t get into too much trouble when you are having a small group ward testimony meeting.

They just have to know the rules and the consequences if the rules are not obeyed.

Steph said...

I have to say that some of the funnest memories of girls camp were the fun, innocent pranks. But then there were the bigger ones that were not funny, like collapsing tents in the middle of the night or putting rocks under certain peoples sleeping bags that were just no good. But it's hard to say oh you can do some fun ones and not other ones. That's a tough situation. I hope that you can make them understand the repercussions that can come from pranks. Girls camp for me generally = trouble. Not that I'm a bad kid but it's a time when you want to be in with the "in" kids and so you do anything to make them accept you. I hope camp goes well for you!

Heidi Hamilton said...

How did your lesson go? Hopefully they took it to heart! I think doing some unifying activities before & during camp helps, too - like falling & catching someone, secret sister, etc (I'm sure there are lots of unifying activities out there), but hopefully camp itself will bring them closer together if they know ahead of time that mean pranks will not be tolerated.
P.S. We'd love to see you in August if you come up! I am not due until the beginning of Nov.

Anonymous said...

I'm the type of person who loves to pull pranks. I don't think that you should take away camp pranks, because those are the best pranks to pull. Instead, you should warn them to only play pranks on those who can handle it, and won't break down when they find out they have shaving cream on their face, or they find themselves in the middle of a lake on their bed.

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