Friday, June 12, 2009

Smiling Again!

Today was the first good day I have had in about one week. I had the energy that I needed to really take time on my house. I was also in a good frame of mind 95% of the day. This was a huge relief and a great blessing! Another great thing is that Caleb FINALLY got tubes put in his ears. We figure he's had at least a dozen ear infections in the 14 months he's been alive. So we're hoping we're on a good road to the future.

So you're wondering what made the last 7 days so hard? Well, Leif and I started the HCG Diet. I'm not going to go into detail about what the diet is all about. In order to really get the truth about it you have to read what the doctor who originally created it wrote about it. You can read it here: Pounds and Inches.

It has not been easy for me at all. I have realized that it is because I haven't been able to take vitamin B until now (it was in the mail.) So now, I'm feeling A Lot better. I really hope I'm on the road to this being the norm again.

On the good side, Leif and I have each lost 10 pounds in 11 days. That is a Good Feeling!! So, if you're really curious now, I'd REALLY love any cheerleaders that feel like cheering me on for the next few+weeks. Just go to our HCG Diet blog and give me a smile:)

On another great note, I got my floor mopped today! Just to know that it's clean for Caleb to crawl on gives me a relief. My floor is painted OSB board so I can't really value the look of the floor:) But I sure appreciate it when it's clean.

So anyway, that's a bit of an update in my world!


Patricia Potts said...

Congrats on your diet! I know it can be hard. I have been sugarless for just over 3 months!!! I honestly don't know about lbs. but I feel better! It got much easier after everyone accepted that this decision is just who I am now.

Wendy Babcock said...

I am so impressed with your weight loss! I hear that it is really tiring to keep to the limited calories. I don't know how you are managing with two kiddos! Once again you impress me every time I read a post.

Lena Baron said...

Thanks's so much everyone! I'm doing a lot better! Feeling like myself. Now I just have to deal with the desire for recreational eating (smores while camping, goodies during a movie, snacks here and there. Habits!) Stay in touch!

Pres. Benson's Talk said...

Lena, I understand your concern. I was the brunt of pranks and jokes too. It effected me greatly (my book page 17)

Recently Dan gave a priesthood lesson based on Pre. Benson's pride talk

Patricia Potts said...

oops! I tried to add the link and now I see it went in as Pres. Benson!! :)

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