Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Chose This Journey

Technically, I have created this blog as a request from my Creative Writing Professor. But it is a very good request. I have felt the need to just have one place where I can rant and rave about my writing. Or, celebrate when I feel I've made a break through.

I took creative writing this summer semester because I thought I could breeze through it without too much thought. Uhh, can we say, the arrogant amateur has been adequately humbled! I was dead wrong in my assumption. I thought that this course would be so easy that I even signed up for an English 102 course along with it. This was a mistake! Now I am constantly trying to find the right voice depending on what I am working on. There is naturally a different voice to poetry then a research paper. My mainstream, only mine, voice comes through in all of my writing. But I always have to find the right tone to that voice. Sometimes I find it, and sometimes I am lost. Such is the journey that I have embarked upon. No looking back!

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