Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Editor Has Spoken

I thought a lot about my CNF piece throughout the night and figured out what I was trying to get across with it. I was also pleased to receive some good feedback from our writers workshop this morning too. So, this afternoon I got to work. I wrote, changed a diaper, wrote, made a bottle, wrote, sent Jakob to a friends house, and I wrote. I was just thrilled that my brain was working again.

I finished with the piece and I thought I'd send it to my dad (my editor:) As a chief copy editor for the Deseret News, he has an idea of how to critique a paper. I asked him to read it and give me his thoughts. And he did. What I was happy about was that I number one, didn't get upset by his requests, and number two, I could follow what he was trying to suggest. To me, that tells me that this class is paying off.

He told me that I had good stories but the flow of the piece wasn't smooth enough. So, I went back to work. I actually think I may have accomplished what he was suggesting. I guess we'll see...

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