Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anemia: Not a Welcomed Guest!

If you've followed my blog lately you may have noticed that my posts have declined in frequency and enthusiasm. I have been really sick and down for several weeks now and I HATE it! Then my baby started acting just like me, and I Hate that! I was at my wits end yesterday. Really. I was pretty close to running away with my kids to MO where my parents could entertain my kids and I could try to sit back and collect myself. I still might do that. But yesterday I finally found a light at the end of my current tunnel. I took the little boys to our WIC appointment and they tested JJ's blood for his iron levels. He was two points below the average level of iron needed for a one year old. I was surprised because he's been drinking formula which is iron fortified. But I wasn't surprised because he's shown the classic Anemia symptoms and I just hadn't put two and two together. I then asked her to test my blood. I was one point below average. I had been wondering, but just hadn't payed attention. Duh!

Anemia isn't something to ignore! People think that because it's a common problem, it's not a big concern. But in reality, it can become a major problem. And it doesn't just take a couple of iron pills to solve the problem. It takes time and follow through. I just feel bad that I didn't know sooner. And I wonder why JJ has Anemia. I won't worry too much about why unless he still has problems in November when I take him to be tested again (or sooner at the Dr.) My Anemia stems from my damaged intestines from Gluten Intolerance and heavy periods.

I thought I'd share our symptoms and what I use to boost our iron levels.

My Symptoms:                                                JJ's Symptoms (1 Year Old):
Fatigue                                                               Unusual ongoing fussiness
Overall lethargic feeling                                       Sudden change in napping hours (could nap for 5-6 hrs)
Depression                                                         Pale skin
Rage episodes                                                    Weak immune system (constant illness)                                     
Chest pains                                                         Lack of appetite                                             
Aching calf muscles and Achilles tendons
Muscle weakness and aches
Weak immune system (constant illness)

What can happen if we don't increase our iron?
"Most cases of anemia are mild, including those that occur as a result of chronic disease. Nevertheless, even mild anemia can reduce oxygen transport in the blood, causing fatigue and a diminished physical capacity. Because a reduction in red blood cells decreases the ability to absorb oxygen from the lungs, serious problems can occur in prolonged and severe anemia that is not treated. Anemia can lead to secondary organ dysfunction or damage, including heart arrhythmia and heart failure."

"In children, severe anemia can impair growth and motor and mental development. Children may exhibit a shortened attention span and decreased alertness. Children with severe iron-deficiency anemia may also have an increased risk for stroke." - University of Maryland 

This is what I use as an Iron supplement. It works!! 

Flora Floradix Floravital Iron and Herb


Sandra said...

Have you guys felt a ton better after using it?

Harmony said...

Hope you both feel better soon.

Lena Baron said...

Yes! Sandra, I see an absolute difference when I take this particular liquid iron. I haven't been able to purchase some for us at the moment (will within this week.) But I became anemic after I delivered Caleb and this helped tremendously and fast! No side effects.

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