Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foto Friday: August

August has been full of birthdays, sunshine, new ideas, work, and play! 
       We celebrated JJ's birthday twice. Once on his birthday in July and again when his gift arrived the first week of August. We got him a vintage Little People garage. The boys all love it! We collect Little People things and have a great time with them!
      We've managed to find a couple of weekends to run away from the heat to visit with Leif's brother and his family in the beautiful town of Alton. 
     Leif's gone on a couple of Fire calls as well as a couple of EMT calls. He's still in the middle of the EMT course and will be done mid September. 
    We had a crazy moment and we drove to Cedar City to buy a Foof Chair (giant bean bag.) When we got there we realized that it was a whole lot bigger then we had thought. But since we had driven all the way and already paid, we brought it home anyway. It takes up too much room. But it's fun. 
     The spa had a booth set up for Western Legends this year. It was a lot of hard work for everyone, but very worth it! 
     Leif and his dad let Caleb help them build a shelter for the rabbits. 
     Caleb LOVES to help with any projects that we're working on. Especially if they involve a screwdriver or hammer. 
     Jakob turned 7 years old this month. He shares a birthday with his aunt Stacy. So we got together for dinner. They surprised Jakob (and Caleb) with two kittens. Caleb especially loves playing with his new best friends. The kitties are still wondering what in the world they've gotten themselves into, that's for sure!! But overall it's fun to have them. We also got Jakob the Wii Sports Resort Game. He LOVES that!! 
     We've been trying to make more room in the house. We took a couple of wall panels off to try to use the shelf space more efficiently. JJ promptly cleared the shelf's and made himself right at home. Guess we'll have to come up with other ideas. 
     I haven't gotten pictures yet, but our mama duck hatched 9 ducklings. Unfortunately the heat got five of them. But the four we have left are sure sweet! 

Enjoy the photos!

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