Monday, August 01, 2011

Forgive Me As I Complain

I have been sick for going on two weeks. I am so sick of being sick! If it's not one thing, it's another. Right now my nose is running a river and my head is so congested my eyes just might pop out. Lovely picture, I know.

August is here. We all know school starts in August. Uhhh, excuse me, WHAT HAPPEN TO MY SUMMER FUN!!!!??? This has been the most boring, movie-filled, summer that I can remember in years! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

Jakob said the most profound and terrible thing to me tonight. I had just put Caleb in time-out for the 100th time today for deliberately disobeying me and I must have had steam coming out of my ears. Because Jakob said, in a very adult voice, "I just don't know how you put up with all of this! You look like you just don't want to be here any more." I thought, "uhh, yeah, you got that right!" However, he went on to say "You know because heaven is so much fun and so peaceful..." I just stared at him in shock. My jaw just may have dropped open. I did manage to get over the choking sensation in my throat and explain to him that though a nice little outing out of the house for a while sounded delightful, I had no desire to die and leave all of my family behind. My poor little boy... He did offer to create Disney Land inside my living room. I assured him that I was fine and what I really needed was my boys to obey me the first time I asked them to do something. He agreed and  was very helpful the rest of the night. Caleb was agreeable as well. But, Uugg! The thought that my son thought I would be happier away from them. That is really disturbing to me.

I'm just bummed tonight. Here I am sick as a dog, and you know what I've been craving ALL DAY LONG!? Peanut Butter Panic Ice Cream. Seriously!? Can't I just go for an orange juice and some chicken broth? I wish I could get my brain to value my health as much as my heart does. Stupid!

Well, I managed to pass the two tests that I just finished up tonight. And I got a new book in the mail that I've been looking forward to. The boys are Finally asleep. And I really need to wrap up this session of Woe is Me! All will be well in the morning. Well, at least for the next hour or so for sure. G-Night!


Heidi Hamilton said...

SO Sorry it was a rough day :( I have had too many of those days lately, too. Ireland has been the QUEEN of tantrums lately. We're officially dubbing her into the "FEARSOME fours." Hope today is full of fun & sunshine! :)

Harmony said...

Just wanted to say sorry about your day. He did get to see a valuable lesson that you stick to things even when they are not easy or fun. I keep thinking that as they get older they will get better at minding and reasoning and look forward to that. Then I hear so many people saying that these are the dearest times that they miss the most when they were so young. I am confused. I really am.

Sandra said...

I find it helpful to vent every now and then. Also to know that your not the only one who has those days. If you find a solution to kids not listening let me know because I feel that is an ongoing battle :(

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