Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer's End... Already!?

I'm amazed that we're heading into a new school year already. Time, it's such a wishy-washy thing. Never enough, sometimes too much... Crazy.

I finished up my summer semester of USU classes this week. They were well worth the money, effort, and time. I learned a lot and enjoyed being able to write out my thoughts. I will be taking a couple of classes again this semester and I think they will be very applicable to my life: Child Guidance and Stress Management. Can't get any more applicable.

I'm finally feeling better. I was really sick! But I'm back up and going for the most part and my main focus is getting home school ready to go, starting the Monday after Labor Day. It takes A LOT of my time. I prefer to have everything printed out and filed according to the month and then the week. Then we can pull out a folder and all of the choices are there for the week and we can go at it. And if for some reason I can't be right there when it's school time, Jakob can go to the folder and pull out things for him to do. I'm still organizing the system that I want. But that gives you a glimpse of what we do. This year I need to plan a little bit for Caleb too. So I have a lot to do. Thank Heavens for the Library! We are going to be reading A Lot!

The spa, Desert Springs Day Spa is going better then we ever hoped. Leif is busy working there and when he's not there he's at his EMT classes and the few hours he's not there, he's home. He feels like he's constantly juggling. But he seems to be holding up and we are too. We miss the good ol' days of working side by side with "the business." But we're making the adjustment. And his EMT classes are over mid September. We look forward to that!

Jakob seems to be looking forward to school to start. He's also really excited for the new "club" he gets to be a part of. We've signed him up for 4H. They have a good program here and I think it will be really good for him.

My sweet Caleb is finally talking so that everyone can understand him (for the most part.) He doesn't whine as much because he can tell us things and then he can understand most of our logic as well. This connection has really become clear just within the last couple of days. It's really nice. We came up with a funny way to help him "find his big boy voice." I told him that when he's whining he sounds like he has a mouse in his throat and he has to get the mouse out in order to find his big boy voice. It's works quite well.:)

And my JJ, he's ready to jump up and run! He can stand on his own and it's been said that he took a couple of steps. I didn't get to see it. My theory is that he's going to decide to walk one day and just walk right up to me in the kitchen and ask for something to eat. It will happen so fast I won't even get to see the first steps.:)

Well, that's how we're doing here. Really, I'll have pictures soon!

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Molly said...

Sounds like each of you are doing well. Congrats to Leif for all he is accomplishing! Congrats to you for finishing your classes. I didn't read all you posted, but I saw your grades. Yee Haw! And good job to the guys for all they are doing. I hope the start of your school year goes smoothly.

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