Monday, August 29, 2011

Over Before it's Begun?

If you're anti-home school or don't think I should be home schooling, you might want to stop here. 

I've been preparing lesson plans for home school for the whole summer. I've gradually gotten more and more excited about the things we'll be learning. However, I have also gotten more and more worried about what I've gotten myself into. Honestly, just maintaining a clean house, laundry, and dishes is a full time job. Add three wild boys, a busy husband, meals to plan and make, animals to care for, my school work to do, AND home schooling a first grader to the mix, I think I might be crazy!

I'm just not fun enough. I'm tired and moody much of the time... I don't think I'll be able to handle it if Jakob pitches a fit every day at 8:00 when it's time for school. But the thought of having to get Jakob ready for school, taking him to school, picking him up for school, fighting over homework that I even hate, seems equally daunting. What should I do?

I guess I'll stick with my plan and enjoy the moments as they go. That's what I need to do. If you come to my house and it looks like a tornado whipped through the place and I'm still in my pajamas, just ignore it and know that I definitely wasn't sitting around eating bon bon's all day. I might however, manage to eat plenty of chocolate. Chocolate, surely that is my answer!;)


Molly said...

It's a tough choice. There are so many pros and cons on both sides. School just started, right? Maybe Jakob just needs to get back into the routine and he will stop throwing tantrums. Whatever you decide, it will be just fine.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Hang in there Lena. I feel your stress. I'm sending McKinley out to try out Kindergarten & see how we do (she has afternoon Kindergarten), and Ireland has morning preschool, so it just dawned on me how much running around I'll be doing soon. s i g h . . .
I just wish everywhere there were nice big home school groups that had co-ops and lesson switching, so they could get a little variety & give you a break.

Harmony said...

So glad to see you are posting again. Is the anemia getting better. I have decided to go with a public online school this year. I will still need to work with him a required 4 hours each day but I felt that I was falling behind. We will see how it goes. It might help to talk to Jacob about the benefits of home school and why you both do it. Also talking about the alternatives like going back to school can help get Dallon to work with me more on the Home School stuff because he likes it better at home. Hope we all get into the swing of things soon.

Janee said...

That is a tough choice. I struggle with it myself. I'm just not 100% satisfied with the public school curriculum here. But I'm also not convinced I have what it takes to home school. Or if home schooling is best for my kids socially.

Thankfully, there are LOTS of options here - great charter schools, etc. but that is a blessing and a curse as well. Trying to sort through it all. I guess I have a year to figure it out eh?

Do what's best for you and your family. You'll figure it out. What does Jakob say about it?

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