Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Parent's Most Important Role? Child Guidance Discussion Question 1

What are some of the most important roles parents play in their children's life? The first thought that came to mind while pondering this question was, example. As a parent we are an ever-present example to our children. Whether we are a good example or a negative example is up to us.
Sometimes this role alone weighs the most on my shoulders as a mother. Most of the time it is a natural instinct to provide for our children's basic needs of food and shelter. But it is not always "natural" to be an example of kindness, love, and patience. However, it is vital that our children learn these traits in order to find peace as an adult. We, as parents, are our children's first and most consistent teachers. The role of teaching by example, and making it a good example, might just be one of the most important roles a parent plays in their child's life. 

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Sandra said...

Amen! I need to remember this. You know how many times I've been told "but you do it" lately...yeesh I need to watch myself.

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