Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anniversary & JJ Birthday (By Hubby)

Well, we had an anniversary this last month or so.  It was great.  I think it was our 8th or 10th or something like that... :)

One thing fun Lena wanted to do for our anniversary was to each choose a book and we would read them together.  Lena actually gave me a list of books she would like and I choose one called "Heaven is for real."  A very cute, fun book.  I choose "Richest Man in Babylon".

Life has been crazy between Family, my EMT training taking 18+ hours a week, and opening the our Day Spa that we knew our anniversary would be spread out.  So with the books we just starting reading to each other in the evenings and when we were able to get away for a little while.  We just finished the Heaven one.  It took us a week or so.

We did escape a couple of times for a quick dinner. Also, during this time we decided to watch all the Harry Potter movies to lead up to the last one.  Lena and the kids watched the PG ones while I was away and then Lena and I watched the PG-13 ones.  Lena and I did escape to watch the final one though in the theater.

JJ's birthday was just kind of fit in as well.  He turned one on a very busy day at the spa.  We've been worried about finances we didn't do much for his birthday so far, so when I did get some cash at the spa, I went to the store and bought goodies and a few little presents for JJ.  Its amazing how much fun a one year old can have with a couple of balls.

That is our quick update on our anniversary and JJ's Birthday.  Even though it was nothing big, I enjoyed our anniversary.  Even if we did nothing, I would be happy because I'm the lucky one married to my love, Lena.

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