Saturday, July 30, 2011

WOW! This is Exactly What I Needed!

So much is happening in life right now. But there is something that has been stewing within me that I haven't known how or what to say about here on the blog. Politics and the current state of our US Government. It is such a touchy subject. But really, I just haven't written because it's so complex and I couldn't put my thoughts and feelings into words. And part of me just couldn't wrap my head around the answer to the problems we're facing.Until Now! This put it all into words for me and came up with the answer that I truly feel is right! An answer to my prayers.


Here is the Video Summary.


Janee said...

"Beck has constructed a universe where the U.S. is under siege by progressives plotting to transform the nation into a socialist or—worse—communist or fascist state. Using innuendo, chop logic, guilt by association, conspiracy theories, progressive and liberal bogeymen, and what seems a carefully cultivated image of righteous indignation, Beck presents himself as today’s Paul Revere, warning the countryside that the enemy is at the gate (or, in Beck’s words, actually 'in the house'). In his broadcasts, Beck uses all the tools of a showman propagandist: he makes absurd comparisons, uses false analogies, tells whopping 'stretchers' (Huckleberry Finn’s term for statements with little regard for fact or truth), weeps on cue (YouTube footage shows him swiping Mentholatum under his eyes to induce tears), and lapses into sophomoric lampooning, mocking, ridicule, sarcasm, taunting, and joking. At times, his TV show resembles a circus side show." ~Robert A. Rees

I couldn't have said it better myself. Beck is neither a political scholar nor an economist. He is an entertainer who makes millions off of FEAR. He is a fringe fanatic to the point where even Fox News (the most biased, dishonest "news" network ever), was forced to distance itself from him and eventually fire him.

Not really sure what you find comforting about this video since it's full of historical cherry-picking, inaccuracies and flat out lies.

Janee said...

Furthermore, the national debt more than doubled between January 2001 and January 2009.

President Obama was handed an economy in SHAMBLES - two unfunded wars, an unfunded medicare part d program, unfunded no child left behind.

For 6 years, Bush failed to veto a single spending bill that the Republican Congress passes, whether it was funded or not.

Boehner and his cohorts all voted for the unfunded wars, part d program, no child left behind. Boehner & GOP kept writing checks the treasury didn't have the money to pay and now the Republicans complain that we're spending too much. HYPOCRITES. Where was this fiscal conservatism from the Republican side from Jan 2001 through Jan 2007? WHERE?

And conservatives still want to blame Obama? For not fixing in 2 years what took nearly a decade to get into?

Lena Baron said...

This is Leif.

I shared this Glenn Beck video with Lena. I just wanted to say that the part of his commentary that we enjoyed was how it ended. What is it we should do individuals and families. We need to prepare for whatever eventuality both temporally and spiritually. We are not pointed fingers at whose fault it is/was, but what should we be doing now. One thing Beck did have correct that I even think Janee would agree with me is that most people are frustrated with Washington. It doesn't matter if you are a R. or a D. there is frustration. And as Beck said as we focus on Washington it IS frustrating. But going back to the point, somethings we cannot control (presidents, congresses...) but we can control our families and how we prepare ourselves for whatever messes we find ourselves no matter who brought them on.

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