Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Good Day!

Today was a good day. Just one of those days where I woke up a little bit earlier than usual (on my own without a child screaming.) I was able to read the scriptures for a minute (always a nice thing.) And things never really went down hill from there. I was able to catch up with a few family members while doing laundry. I didn't fall apart at the fact that the house isn't perfectly clean. Leif took Caleb with him while he ran errands and JJ napped.  This gave me the time to finish a paper for my class.

I also had the chance to work some more on my plans for home school. I found an excellent website that lists age appropriate books for the different subjects that we need/want to cover throughout the year. It is AWESOME! It's It's gotten me really excited for the upcoming year. I feel a lot more confident in what we will be covering.

Leif and I went and set up the Day Spa that he's starting in Kanab, Desert Springs Day Spa. It was nice to get things cleaned up and organized. I think it will turn out great! I'm really excited and so is Leif.

We closed the day by weeding in the garden. It was so pleasant outside. The air smelled like rain and the wind was rustling the trees just enough to notice. The clouds were rolling around as a storm was brewing. And it was so cool with the gentle breeze. Perfect!


Heidi Hamilton said...

glad it was a great day! I'll have to check out that site for kids books!
BTW - did you get my e-mail about camping next weekend?

Mecham Family said...

I would love to have a day like that. I'm not sure I've ever had one. :-) Gives me something to dream about. That must be why you feel like you can home school. Your boys must be angels! Share your secret!

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