Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Simple Reminder: Prepare! (Following Up on my Last Post)

I was expecting a few thoughts to be shared about my last post. It's a very sensitive subject with a lot of backing for our individual feelings. I posted the video directly after watching it and went straight to bed. As I fell asleep I committed myself to continuing my thoughts about WHY that video was such a help to me.

The reason is simply that it was a great REMINDER of what we have been told for years and years by our modern day prophets. Beck is a far cry from a prophet. So am I. But we can, and should, repeat what they have counseled us to do. Prepare for hard times, because they are ahead. Not just ahead, but upon us. I don't care who's fault it is that we fall on hard times! I'm sick of trying to decide who is right or wrong in our country. I will follow the laws of the land. I will pray for the leaders of my country. I will vote when given the opportunity. And in the end, I will focus on my God and my Family.

I know with my whole soul that God is real. He is in charge. I will follow Him and find Rest, Safety, or just plain Endurance from the storms. Be the storms from natural disasters, personal trials and tribulations, or other peoples choices and their influence, I will do what I can to build a fortress for myself and my family.

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