Monday, July 11, 2011

A Flash From the Past and Into the Present

I got a phone call this evening from a man wanting me to give a reference for a nanny that worked with our nanny agency back in the day. That all seems like a lifetime ago...  In reality it was only around five years ago. Leif and I lived in Hawaii in 2004 just after Jakob was born. I was working as a Mommy-Nanny and Leif was a Massage Therapist. I interviewed with a nanny agency on the island at the time and quickly realized that the island could use some new blood in the Nanny Agency department. Thus, Your Child's Nanny was born.

Leif and I gave our all to the agency for the next year and a half or so. Oh, those were good times! We built a great business. It had a lot of potential and was headed in a good direction. It just needed continued and constant attention and money. To make a long story short, we sold the agency in March of 2006 and from that moment on our life was never the same. That truly was the moment that the defining year of our life began. Or maybe, it was when we started the agency? Either way, I haven't really had a moment to look back on that time in my life. So I took the time tonight to look back. Such good memories. Leif and I make good business partners...

And here we are again folks, welcome to Desert Springs Day Spa. I'm amazed that we haven't done this sooner (like years ago.) But now is the right time. It feels right and things are rolling along. It takes a lot to build a good business especially in the beginning. So Leif and I are trying hard to get things in order so everyone will have a great experience at the spa. Tomorrow we will put the Spa Menu together and that is a big deal. Lot's to do! It's different this time. We don't just have one baby crawling around our feet and desks this time. We have three! So it takes more patience and juggling. But it's coming along well. Nothing would be possible without Leif's parents. We are profoundly grateful for their help!! Thank you!

Well, thanks for joining me down this memory lane and back to the present. I hope you've enjoyed the ride!


Jeana said...

Your Day Spa Website looks great!

Janee said...

Oh those Hawaii days! heart aches for my beloved Hawaii!

Website looks great!

Lena Baron said...

Amen Sista! Amen!

Thanks we're still working with it. But it's fun to get the word out.

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