Thursday, August 05, 2010

All is Well!

Thank you Thank you all of you who have sent me encouragement and love! I thought I'd better update a bit. I would like to write JJ's birth story. But my mind is still fogged due to pain meds. They work great, so I feel good. But I do hope to find a chance to write more tomorrow.

Anyway, we're doing Great!! I haven't slept this much in years. It's great, until I want to do something but I'm too tired. Oh well, I'll enjoy the excuse to sleep. JJ is doing great. Sleeping like a baby. Gee, there's a lot of sleeping around here.

Leif and the boys are doing well. They all love the baby. No problems. Just lots of loving! Leif doesn't have school or work until the 18th. So we're thrilled about that. We're reading Fablehaven together. It's been so nice having something good to read together. And even better to have the time together. LOVE IT!

So, life is GREAT!

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Faith 'n Family said...

SO glad everything went well. He looks just like his brothers!! How precious!

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