Sunday, November 04, 2012

Flu Season! Ugg!

I made an impulse decision and took my kids out to visit Leif this weekend. Overall, we had a wonderful time! Some how being together just makes everything else not as hard. With that said, I'll tell you the "hard" things. For the Record and to remind me that I can do hard things!

Ten minutes out of Flagstaff on our way to visit Leif JJ was digging at his throat. I knew he had a cold but he had taken a turn for the worst as we drove. I found the nearest Urgent Care and after dropping the other two munchkins off with Leif I took JJ in to make sure he didn't need antibiotics. Nope, just a virus. Lovely! We were able to go a full day with just signs of pain in his mouth, until he threw up last night. Mercifully, Leif had a leftover anti-nausea pill from his EMT days. We were able to get it down JJ and in to his system. He didn't throw up again until tonight.

We got packed up this afternoon and in the van to head toward Fredonia when Caleb complained of a "car sick headache." We humored him by giving him an IB Profin in case it was a real headache. I got two blocks down the road when I saw from my rear view mirror that Caleb was white as a ghost and indeed very sick. I pulled over and gave him the other half of the Zofran. Unfortunately he was too sick. I was less then five minutes out of town when he threw up. Poor guy threw up three times in the three hours we were on the road.

I am blessed to have in-laws who take very good care of us. They were at my house when I drove up taking out my garbage and washing my dishes. Two things that were sending me over the top with anxiety when I thought about having a house full of sick kids alone this week. I am truly blessed! Because of their help I will be able to make it through the next few days. I was also able to clear the floor and vacuum tonight. something else that was weighing on me.

Anyway, flu season has hit our little world. I'm not sure what this week will hold because of it. I was supposed to go to a meeting in Flagstaff and leave the kids with Grandma for the week and then drive with my boys up north for the weekend to see my newborn niece and visit with family. But I guess I'll just be taking one day at a time for a little while. One Day at a Time!

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Sandra said...

ugg indeed. The tummy bug is the worst. We went through a few weeks of it a few months ago. It seemed like it would never leave. With six kids it just seemed to make the rounds. Hopefully it's just a 24 hr bug and will be over quickly. Oh and that you don't get it. It's hard enough to have sick kids but when you get sick and still have to take care of them, that's rough.

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