Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just Checking In

I've been out of Blog World for a little while. I've just been busy and most of the evenings it's all I can do to get the kids in bed and then climb in my own. I love that we put our kids to bed EARLY on school nights. Most nights they are in bed by 7:30, sometimes by 7:00. So here it is 8:12, and I've had an hour to update with all of my friends and family in blog world. It's good to feel well enough to catch up.

So, I'll update a bit. We're doing good. G'night!;) Who did that sound like?? If you know Leif, you'd know I was just mimicking him. Okay, let's just go by name:

LEIF: He's watching the big Jazz game tonight and it sounds like they might just pull it off. And when I say watching, I actually mean he's watching as it gives a play by play. What a good sport and faithful fan. He loves basket ball. It's his outlet. Luckily I grew up with Jazz games and BYU games, so I don't mind the nights when he wants to stay up for the game. He's talking about my dad right now and wondering if he's going crazy as he watches the game. He said he'll call him after the game. I love that Leif loves my dad!:)
Otherwise, Leif works really hard and is doing well in school. Yep, I Love Him!

ME: Well, I have good days and bad days when it comes to how I feel. I've found that the days where I have to carry JJ around in his car seat, and carry Caleb up and down the stairs (he's afraid of the stairs) more then one time are my worst days. JJ weighs over 14 pounds now. So I try to find ways to not have to lug him around. Every day I set two goals for the day (get the dishes done, scrub the toilet, mop the floor, etc.) If I get those done, then I've had a successful day. When it comes to hobbies, well, I've really enjoyed sewing on my sewing machine lately. This weekend I traced a pattern off of one of my nightgowns and made me a house dress. It turned out okay for a very first project. I look forward to trying new things in the future.

JAKOB: My Jakob, ahh how I love this boy. As demanding as he is, he's just as fun! He's doing well in school. The kindergarten here is thinking about going to a full day kindergarten starting the new year. It will be good for Jakob because I was considering homeschooling him because I can't drag the little ones out and down the snowy stairs every day to pick him up from school (No there is not another classmate who's parent can drive him.) Anyway, I think a full day will be good for Jakob. I miss him at times, but the only thing he's missing here is our nap time. So I think it's a fine thing.

CALEB: Ahhh, I Love this boy too!!;) Our "Mr. Ed" (that's what I call him!) has his tonsillectomy surgery on Thursday. We head out for the three hour drive to Flagstaff tomorrow. The little outing will be nice for Leif and I. But we are not looking forward to Caleb's pain!!

JJ: Ahhh, my little nap time buddy. How I love him too! He brings a peace to anyone who holds him or looks into his eyes. My friend was commenting about this fact this afternoon. This is one of the reasons that JJ naps with me in the afternoons. He calms my spirit. I also like to give him special time because I'm not able to carry him around with me throughout the day. So he sees me from afar from his swing as I go about my duties. But oh what a trooper he is! A true blessing!!

So, that's our update. We're doing well! And the Jazz won! Yippee!;)


Dawson Family said...

Good luck with the tonsils. Brylee has hers out this year and it was not fun. But they are gone and she will never have to worry about them again. Hope it goes well.

Harmony said...

We'll be thinking of your family on Thursday. Let us know how it goes. Thanks for the update. I know how hard it is to find the time and energy.

Sharane said...

Thanks so much for the update! Fabulous job on your boys' costumes! So CUTE. Your daily goals sound great! Babies grow up so fast, you do what you can, when you can & leave the rest! Leif & your kids are so blessed to have you. You radiate such goodness & beauty.

I hope everything goes well for your little one's surgery. :)

P.S. Dan & I were able to go to a Hunt Mysteries Dinner for the first time. We went for Dan's birthday in October. It was great fun & we loved seeing your parents!

Molly said...

Best of luck on your trip. We've always been lucky that the kids have had full day kindergarten. It's made life a lot easier in that way.

Heidi Hamilton said...

Good catch-up. And - for the record - you've had a successful day even if you just be with your kids & don't get any housework done! (OK - there are days I have to tell myself that to stay sane).
Good luck for the tonsillectomy (yes, I had to google that word).

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