Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It's been a few days since I've written. I'm having a rough go right now. There's not one single reason. I think it's just the load of life. We can't shake the Winter Sickness. It's been a long time since we had to deal with so much sickness. We were isolated for a long time as Travelers and Home Schoolers. So it's hard to get used to having so much snot, coughing, and headaches to deal with. Especially with a baby who is building up his immune system. Uhg!!

I forget it's the dead of Winter too. My body really likes to hibernate during the Winter. So even though it's often Sunny I think it still knows that in the past we went in to hibernation mode. This makes me really grateful for all of the big windows in our apartment that I can see the sunshine through.

PMDD has been BAD this month. Really Bad! The kind of bad that reminds me how closely PMDD can resemble a Multiple Personality Disorder. It's extra difficult because if something is planned at one moment that needs to be carried out in another moment, I could be feeling a completely different personality and ability. It's embarrassing and a Nightmare!!

And the longer we stay living in one place, the more it shows to other people how unstable my personal world can become at times. I have to remind myself that the huge majority of the people around me are clueless of the inconsistencies. Most people are just not that observant. But I am. And I recognize them. And it's Really Hard!!

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