Monday, January 14, 2019

We Caught The Sickness... uhg!

What day is it???  Seriously! I think yesterday was Sunday. But I was asleep the entire day. I vaguely remember Leif wearing a suit somewhere in between asleep and awake.

A few days ago Joshua ended up being really sick with a stomach virus. Right before he got sick we had a day filled with doctor visits. Jakob was officially diagnosed with mild yet, active arthritis (again.) But this time the doctor had a brain and actually helped us move forward on what we could do to help him. Gratefully we won't have to use systemic medication for him. He thinks the arthritis is only in the knee. So they were able to treat it with a steroid shot. Jakob handled it Very Well!! Shots and procedures are very overwhelming for him. We also confirmed that he has a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system, like me. (Sorry Buddy!!) That's why he has Rhaynauds symptoms and the orthostatic problems. That is something Jakob will have to work on balancing himself. Unless it gets clinical. For now it's finding what works: More water? More salt? Mind control? Heat? Layers? yadi yada yada.

Straight from Jakob's appointment I went to the dentist. I know that it's time to go get a tooth fixed when the gum starts to hurt. Otherwise, I am blessed with no pain even though my teeth are brittle and breaking. So I went in, also being the beginning of the new year and a new medical insurance term. They immediately started working on crowning one molar. Unfortunately, two molars have to come out. I have a few more that can be crowned to preserve them for future work. So we've decided to do that and then be done for the year. That and getting a jaw CT Scan to determine the viability of my jaw bone for possible reconstruction. Hopefully I can go get that done soon. The work done seems to have been fine. However, I should have asked for a prescription of prednisone. Because my mouth is filled with sores from the work that was done. I'll remember that next time. I wonder if I should just get a little shot right into the mouth during the surgery. Or through the IV. I'll have to look into that.

During my dentist appointment Leif called to tell me the baby was puking. Poor guy!!! Nothing worse then a puking baby and hungry kids, and no mama. It's like Leif working as an RN with no CNA! :) :) :)  He told me had ordered Wendy's to be delivered through Door Dash. When I heard that, I knew this was serious. :) Later on I saw the bill ($50) It must have been Very Serious!!! LOL!!!

The next day Joshua was supposed to go to his Neuro appointment about the nerve damage from his rough birth. Unfortunately, he was way too sick. We decided to take him in for some Zofran and a flu/strep test. Gratefully, the strep was negative. He didn't have enough feverish symptoms for flu. During the appointment we were meeting with the Nurse Practitioner instead of the Doctor. We took the opportunity to ask her about precepting Leif for his clinicals. She said she knew just the people to call and that she would call them that day.  this was a very Tender Mercy!!  Leif called the people today and it's looking promising.

So, we brought Joshua home and he and I crashed! We were so tired! And this is where it all starts to become foggy. In between asleep and awake I placed a grocery order on Instacart for Costco and the grocery store. We watched/listened to some of a good Jazz game. I found myself cleaning up puke in the middle of the night from Jakob being sick. Then somewhere in there I was the one puking.  I wasn't messing around though. I took the zofran. But I also to phenagren left over from my pregnancy. That stuff knocks me out for HOURS!!!!  I was asleep all day. Leif said that I helped clean up baby after puking and pooping. But I barely remember it.

The only thing I remember while so drowsy, is that I dreamed on and on and on about the possibility that I was pregnant. And how absolutley life altering that would be. Subconsciously/consciously I knew that I was supposed to have been visited by aunt flo in between all of this. But she hadn't arrived yet. I knew that it was 1 in 1000 chance that I could be pregnant. But with my body and helath history, 1 in 1000 had happened multiple times. So I remember calculating the fact that I have only missed my period 8 times in my life and all of those 8 times I was pregnant. :) :) And this went on and on and on.  Until I was finally awake and alert enough to go find my calendar. Sure enough, I was late. But.... Have no fear!!! She made her grand entrance this morning. Well, not real grand. But who complaining of a light aunt flo visit!? Not Me!!!

But it sure has made me wonder for the umpteenth time why we didn't just have them take everything out when they tied my tubes. As much as we would love and welcome another baby, people, it would be MADNESS!!! If you followed Joshua's pregnancy you understand. :) :)

So, here we are. I'm not pregnant. Not puking, but still quezzy and sore. Jakob is a bit queezy and sore. Joshua is also queezzy and sore, from what we can tell. I kept everyone home from school. This isn't something to share. Caleb has a sore throat. Nothing else. JJ isn't sick, but did lose his two front teeth. Finally!! :) :) :)

I've finally caught everything up. It's time for a nap and to read more from the latest book I'm reading The Empath's Survival Guide Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Judith Orloff, MD. :)

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