Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My HCG Diet 2.0 Staples

Following the HCG Diet is working it's magic. That's for sure. I'm so grateful for the quick results! There's NO WAY I could stick to a typical reduced calories/exercise diet right now. NONE! Emotionally and Physically, things are too hard to make sacrifices that don't pay off quickly.

I started this round of HCG on Friday. It's been five days. I've lost 6 pounds. Yesterday, I went through the detox day. Where the body has burned so much so fast that all the crap that was stored in the fat is floating around waiting to be flushed out. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. So. Much. Pain. So I drank LOTS of water and prayed that I would feel better today. And I do. I am SO GRATEFUL!!

I took a picture yesterday of some of the staple foods and products that I use to help me get through the strictness of the diet. I think it sums it up well. I'll take more as the journey progresses.

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