Friday, January 25, 2019

No Longer Worshiping The Holy Chocolate God

There are only a few things that I don't blog about. My weight is one of them. But since I know that weight and eating habits is a very common subject we all think about and work on throughout our lives. And I have said that Mama's Thinking Corner is "as real as it gets." I've decided to "come out" of my comfort zone and share with you my journey.
I haven't talked about my weight, because I don't want to draw attention to it. I usually don't like the way I look. So why encourage others to look closer, right? So this is a big deal to me. The other reason I don't share, is because my body and how it works/doesn't work, is far from the norm. So it takes drastic measures to get any changes. And I feel judged and lazy because of it. So, for the last three+ years I have quietly taken the drastic measures needed and followed the same pattern over and over (minus a pregnancy in between.) 
And here I am again, beginning the new "cycle" for the new year. But this year is a bit different. I'm changing the end part of the cycle.
If you know me well, you know that I have a true blue, through and through, full on, Chocolate Addiction. The kind that can become all consuming if not kept in check. The kind that would be classified as an alcoholic if I drank alcohol.

So starting October 31st through January 1st is the beginning of my personal holiday of worshiping the Holy Chocolate God, without guilt. Because, hey, it's TRADITION!!!  🎜🎜🎜(sorry if you don't get that joke ;)  And then on January 7th for my birthday, my dear husband agrees to let me spend a ridiculous amount of money to buy what I need to loose the weight gained during my Holy Chocolate God worshiping binge. And in a couple of months I'm back to a healthier state until October 31st. ... Except not this October 31, 2019. I'm not going down the Holy Chocolate God worshiping road again. And that's that. I'll write about it, and lament then. But the decision is MADE! 
So for now, I am 10 pounds heavier then before my Holy Chocolate God worship trip this year. And exactly 21 pounds to where I want to be.

Alright, here's the explanation. My body is clinically unable to handle exercise other then walking and lifting my 20 pound baby. And if you know anything about the human body, you know that you have to turn on the metabolism to burn the fat. And then you have to decrease the intake of calories to allow the body to burn the right fat load. And anyone who Really Knows about the body knows that strolling to the school everyday is NOT the key that will unlock the fat burning furnace door. So I require a Key. Something more then just decreasing the calories. So I have two choices thanks to modern day science and education.
I could follow the Keto Diet. Or the HCG diet. 
I tried the Keto diet once and I can't stomach it. I have studied old fashion holistic health and nutrition too long to get my mind to wrap around the fat intake. I believe in the science. But I literally can't get myself to eat it and enjoy it. Also, once I stop following the diet, I now have a TERRIBLE habit and liking for some Very Very unhealthy foods when I'm not following the diet. For example, if you add sugar and bread to the keto diet you have entered a very Fast Track Pass to Weight Gain City. So, I just can't do it.  
The HCG diet wasn't much better for years. In fact, I wrote about it here about 10 years ago after following it. Gratefully though, scientists and doctors have continued to study and have created a much healthier and realistic plan for following the HCG diet. In fact, after three years of me using HCG Injections, I have Finally found HCG drops or even patches that are strong enough to use as an alternative to the injections and less expensive. And for those of you who followed the original HCG diet with only eating 500 calories a day and yada yada yada of HARD STUFF; I'm telling you, it's not as hard as it was!!! Still not easy. But definitely not as hard!! I am using a book called the HCG 2.0. as a guideline. My personal calorie count is around 550-600 calories each day. And still almost no sugar and carbs. But we are able to eat some fats that come from proteins. But still no hard cheese. Not That Much fat. :) I'll post some of my meals and foods as I go. 
And seriously, I lose weight. It's the only way my body is able to let go of the fat. And it's pretty fascinatingly awesome! Stay tuned for more updates and stories over the next few months. 

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