Friday, January 25, 2019

Family Life Photo Dump!!

Caleb and JJ are excited to participate in the scouts Pinewood Derby this weekend. This is one thing I have done my best at making sure all of the boys have participated in and worked on with Leif. Even when Leif lived away from home, some how he has always managed to help the boys on their cars and they've had a great time! 

Joshua LOVES stuffed animals. LOVES THEM! This is him in the bin of animals at Walmart. :)

Joshua is reading us a story. This is a cute pic Leif caught of me listening to Joshua..

I haven't rewatched this. But it was cute when I recorded it. So hopefully it's appropriate. lol!  Joshua LOVES to be read to and to read to us. 

I walked in the room after asking the boys to feed the baby something and he had licorice running down his mouth. :) Mmm!

Guess who finally lost his two front teeth!? And he sounds so cute!!!  

My little Dapper boy waiting and reading with Papa at the Neurology appointment. He passed with flying colors. No more residual problems from the rough birth. 

This is a pic of me trying to get a pic of all of Joshua's curls. But he moves so fast. It's almost impossible to really catch how cute they are. 

This is the rain. It RAINED AND RAINED for an entire week. They say it was Very unusual. It was fun at first. Then, not so much. We Love our sunshine!!
And this my friends, is a clean bathroom counter. It took months for me to really get it cleaned off. But I finally did. This is my "Just Keep Swimmin'" Pic tht reminds me that we just have to keep trying and eventually what we're working towards WILL get done as long as we keep working on it.:)

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