Monday, January 21, 2019

This week is supposed to be my GOOD WEEK! But, alas. it is Not! 😕 I am trying so hard to make it Great! But I just feel Blaaa. Not sure if it's the change of meds; the lack of Welbutrin or the new Celexa? Or if I'm still getting over the virus from last week. Or a new one. Or just... what?

But it's a huge bummer! I feel like I have so much insight right on the tip of my brain, screaming to come out. But there's a huge fog there blocking it from coming out clearly. And when I can finally find the words I am either too tired to get up and write it down, or I am suddenly interrupted or distracted and the thought is then Gooone!

Sigh... Someday the words will flow again... Until then I just keep fighting to take care of my tribe and enjoy my life as it is... Beautiful, enough. 💓

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