Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Rough Day

THIS is what a pretty bad day looks like. I thought it appropriate that my pajamas say ME.  I'm so grateful for the Blogger app on my phone. Otherwise, I would not be blogging.
The next stage has hit. Stage three last week was easy compared to other months. But starting New Years eve night, BAM!#! Next Stage. I was woke up from my body pain. And that's. Sayin something. Because I went to sleep exhausted. Yeah, the pain level was about a 7. I've kept it down to 5/6 since then with Ib profin and tylonal. But man, the hardest part today is the lethargy.

The house is a disaster! We had to empty the van Completely to take it to the shop. So the house is overflowing. Then we walked in New Years eve from our party and Dropped everything in the kitchen and went to bed. Then yesterday no cleaning took place. So, Cr#p! It's a Mess!!!  (insert crying emoji). The baby was up every two to three hrs last night. And if you know me, you know our night starts Very early. Like 7pm early. So that's a lot of getting up and down. That wasn't helpful.
Leif works for the next two days. So I have to reign this in by myself. 

So let's think:
Laundry: towels and shirts
Bathrooms: Jakob replace garbage bags into cans. Littles gather clothes to baskets.
Living Room: Garbage Check (everyone gather garbage and throw it away.) Littles gather Shoes, Blankets.
Kitchen: Garbage check. Jakob help put big things away. Clear eating area on table.

So it's been a few hours. I was able to rally and get up and go. Thanks to a good friend who sent me a text cheering me on. Thanks to Facebook, she knew I was struggling. :) She was too. And she sent pics to let me know that I wasn't alone. :) So I decided to show some pics. The house isn't spotless. But it's sanitized and tidy enough. I am grateful for what we accomplished. Now I'm ready for a nap. :) :) :) 

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