Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life is Good: Day 30

You know, this count down thing really is good for me. On days like today it forces me to reflect on the day and find the good in it so I can write it down.

Last night I didn't take Ambian to help me sleep. I took Unisom instead. I was shocked at how terrible my night was! When I have the Ambian it puts me to sleep enough that I don't toss and turn because of my aches and pains. Good Heaven's, I don't know if I even slept last night. Actually, I do, because I dreamed about dogs the rest of the night once I fell asleep. The neighbor dogs were going crazy last night. Ambian blocks that out too. I woke up feeling worse then I have in a long time. After biting Leif's head off for the umpteenth time this afternoon, Leif graciously told me that tonight would need to be an Ambian night. I'm trying to ration them. But I'm not sure it's going to work... ANYWAY, I was able to fall asleep during nap time today and Leif quickly took the kids down to grandmas when they woke up. So I was able to sleep longer. I woke up feeling Much Better!! Thank you, Love!

After homework and dinner we did something fun. We pulled out all the baby clothes to wash them and remind me what we have. The boys watched the original Karate Kid and I sorted clothes. So the day ended fun. Another great thing was Jakob's help today. He helped me with laundry and cleaning throughout the day. He has his moments, but he's become a great helper around the house. Caleb is a copy cat, so if Jakob helps, Caleb helps. It's a good deal!

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