Monday, July 26, 2010

Life is Good: Day 17... No, Day 3!

Yep, that's the verdict! I'm still praying for a miracle. But I haven't progressed at all towards being induced, despite plenty of contractions. And the baby has continued to get bigger. So, unless I get my way before then, Thursday morning I will go in for a C-Section. I'm already bummed about that part, so comment gently if you must. But except for that part, I am REALLY excited to hold our little one soon!!!! We all are!

Feel free to send any prayers up for my miracle if you feel like it!;)


Molly said...

Best of luck to all of you. It will be sweet to see him before the weekend arrives.

Melonee said...

How exciting that you'll have your sweet baby boy in your arms so soon! I'm sure you're making the best choice for all involved, so I hope you're able to feel at peace with it. My opinion (or anyone elses) isn't what matters :) I forgot that you'd already had a CS with your girls, so that would limit your ability to be safely induced. Oh, and not sure if you saw, but the ACOG released new recommendations for VBACs last week and it includes allowing women who have had two CSs to VBAC if they wish. So, if you're planning to have more kids and want to go that route, hopefully it will become more widely accepted. Or, if you're done, its totally a moot point :)

Good luck, I can't wait to see pictures and find out his name!

Faith 'n Family said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Thursday will be here before we know it! Congrats on the great news!

Patricia Potts said...

Yes Lena, I am saying prayers for you. As I've seen Trisha, Cindy and Heidi struggle the last little while (as well as memories of my own pregnancies) my heart goes out to you. The only way I know to do this part is staying busy one hour at a time, one prayer at a time... it's limbo territory and that's always hard. May you feel special angels this week. Love you

Sandra said...

Thats so soon :) So do you have to have a c-section?

Brenda Gonzalez said...

I found your page just looking around.
my boyfriend and I are getting ready to have our first baby.
blogs like your make me relax and share my thoughts and fears with women like me are going thru so much stuff.
God bless you and your baby.
i love your blog!

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