Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Good: Day 24

I'm still here. I'm just Very Tired, especially by the end of the day. I'm going to post now because I know I won't want to tonight.

I finally got the boys outside. Today is Leif's homework day. So it also means movie day for the boys. There is no entertaining or patience left in this mama. So thank you Netflix!! But, I did get them to go outside and I will take a minute to blog.

So life is a balancing act between baby prep, taking care of the house and kids, enduring pregnancy blah, and homework. I have never resented college homework so much. It would help if I liked my literature professor's way of doing things. Leif reminded me the other day that it's not her I don't like, it's her class. He got that from his current conflict management class;) Anyway, I have a lot of homework and All I want to do is waddle around and TRY to get things done. It's all coming along slowly. However, I'm really not sure how the dishes are going to get done before the baby. Leif' has just as much homework, and seriously, my belly doesn't allow me to reach the sink far enough or long enough to get them done. Luckily there's not too many and we'll work it out.

There really is a lot I could blog about. But I'm just too darn uncomfortable sitting here. So, let's just say that I wouldn't be too surprised if I actually went into real labor with this baby (I've been induced with all the others.) And if I don't give birth within the next two weeks, I might be surprised. Although I joke that it would just be my luck if I go to the due date. Good heavens my tummy will be huge!!! Seriously! Is there room in there for him?

That is the question... I need to go lay down.


Unknown said...

If I could trade places with you pregnancy wise I would;). What a blessing! I am sorry you are so tired:(. I hope you get some relief soon!

Heidi Hamilton said...

You're getting close though! Hang in there! Your bundle of blessing will be here soon (though I know the 'not soon enough' phrase all too well).
Take care & try to stay cool!

Melonee said...

I love watching the days count down with your posts! Only 24!! Soon you'll have that adorable baby boy in your arms and the misery of pregnancy will only be a memory.

Sandra said...

Woo hoo it's coming closer :) That last month is always the hardest. Good luck.

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