Monday, July 05, 2010

Life is Good: Day 38

Well, I had planned to update on the kids and such. But I am really tired. We took Jakob in to the Dr. He has the same virus and Caleb. It's not strep. He still has a fever, but he's getting better. I feel bad because he's missing out on his second session of swimming lessons.

We took the chance to talk to the Dr. and do another stress test while we were there today. No progression, so that's good. The Dr. said we should be okay if I deliver in K hospital instead of SG where the NICU is. That's good news. Of course I wouldn't mind going early. But for the baby's sake and because of my school schedule that I just reviewed, I need to keep this boy cooking until the 2nd of August. I so don't want to be PG that long. But it would be best in the long run.

So my Good news tonight is, my mom went to Gardener Village today and found us a quilt to put on our bed. It is exactly the colors of our room. And it was on sale. Leif was very sweet and as we discussed it he just said, "well, Happy Anniversary." Very Sweet! The quilt that we use is the one Leif's mom made for our wedding and it needs to be retired before it's way too warn out. SO I'm really grateful for this new quilt! Good News!


Patricia Potts said...

What a great example of optimism. I can't wait to see the picture of the quilt

Sandra said...

bummer, sorry that he is so sick.

Unknown said...

I love all your daily updates! Have you guys picked out a baby name yet? We have names for our nonexistent/future (hopefully anyway!) babies. That I am terrified of sharing with people bc I don't want them to use them LOL! I really want to learn how to quilt so I can make one for us! But...I have a feeling I am going to be quite busy soon..

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