Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is Good: Day 27

I am SO tired tonight. But I sat here and decided there were too many good things to mention not to post. So here it is:
  • Two days ago my friend Mandy and her girls came over for the afternoon. It was Great to have company and catch up with her! Thanks for visiting Mandy!
  • Yesterday I titled my post Good friends and Cold Treats. The cold treats were the smoothie for lunch and the slushie for night time dessert that I made with my Vitamix, LOVE IT!
  • Today Leif and I stopped at the Victorian Inn in K that has been recently purchased by new owners. I wanted to see if the rooms and rates had changed. They have, but it's still beautiful. Just not themed rooms. Anyway, when Leif told them were wanted to stay there for our anniversary and before the baby comes the lady had pity on us and gave us a great discount. So we get to look forward to a night there after finals. YIPPEE!
  • Today was very Hot, we knew it would be. So Leif and Jakob went to the corner store last night and brought home three blocks of ice. Today when it got hot, we filled the bath tub in the the living room with water and two blocks of ice. I'd like to think it helped. But if not, Caleb had a blast. I'll post pics tomorrow.
So there we are, Good Times!


Sandra said...

How nice that she gave a discount to you guys. Hope you have a great time.

Sharane said...

i love the cute photo of the baby ( a few posts back). so precious. best wishes with everything.....hope it all goes smoothly. yay for a discount... enjoy! :)

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