Monday, July 12, 2010

Life is Good: Day 31 (Doctor Visit)

Well, we had another Dr. Visit today. That's not anything new. But the interesting news is that I'm progressing, and the baby is measuring 37+ weeks when I'm technically only 35+ weeks along. That was surprising and comforting to all of us. The Dr. feels like the baby should be just fine if he comes early at this point. I'm VERY torn. I want to deliver NOW! But it would be so much better if Leif and I have no other distractions (school work) when the baby comes. So really the end of the first week in August would be best. But we'll see.

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Molly said...

The last six weeks are the worst and they go on forever! With my last one, I was expressing my frustrations to the midwife and she told me no one has ever stayed pregnant forever, even if it feels like it. (It felt like it, though) Try and enjoy the last few weeks. This time with the just the two boys will not come again and the time you can give to both of them right now will be cut dramatically with the new baby.

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